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I don't think it's surprise and bafflement that there is shame and stigma so much as it is incredulity that grown women who KNOW that the words penis, vulva, and vagina are simply anatomical terms, choose to perpetuate the shame and stigma.
I didn't vote, but if there were a "I was nervous about vaccines due to some stuff I had read on the internet, but researching further into the facts and the anti-vaccination side(thank you MDC vaccine forum!) made me realize that full vaccination was scientifically sound and only contraindicated in a small percentage of the population so I fully vaccinate all of my children" then I would have voted.
I have lived in 3 different states, have four children, and have taken those children to 6 separate pediatric practices over the years(from 1997 to the present) for vaccines. I have had to sign for every single vaccine, and have been given the VIS for every single vaccine.  
I know one person who has been dismissed from a couple of doctors for not following the treatment plan. I mean, what is the point of wasting the doctor's time and the patient's money if you aren't going to follow the doctor's advice?
  Exactly. And the justification of trying to educate against the extremes rings hollow, and just sounds patronizing.    
Great. Just what the Mommy Wars needs. Another battle. And now we can't even be sure our babies are actually happy/content when they aren't crying. Fantastic.    I'm so glad I am an experienced mother of four now, and not just starting out on the road of motherhood. I'm much better able to see through fear-mongering. Also? Swaddling a baby does not equate to not holding a baby. To assume such is absurd. Why do people take such all or nothing views, when good...
Forum crashing.  You can go to the Alive and Well website to learn all you need to know about their AIDS denialism and their efforts in regards to Africa.  Funny though, a lot of their information isn't too up-to-date.  Probably has something to do with the whole thing being a steaming pile...  
The one thing I wish I had in my head when my last baby was born(and she was my fourth live baby) was that FORMULA WON'T CAUSE DEATH AND DESTRUCTION. My formula fed baby was as healthy as a baby as my previous three babies, and is actually more healthy as a toddler than my previous three were. I could have saved myself a lot of self-flagellation.   Also, I got the least amount of sleep with my first live baby, who was healthy and full-term and breastfed exclusively,...
I breastfed my first three children, and formula fed my last child.  I definitely mourned not being able to breastfeed her.  Too much, really.  I beat myself up for it.  Looking back, I wish I would have known then what I do now, so that I could have saved myself some mental anguish.  What do I know now?  That my daughter is as healthy and smart as my other 3(and actually, she is healthier as a toddler than any of my previous kids, but had about the same amount of ear...
No, I cannot agree with that.  
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