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Here are some pics of my son Ocean from last year. We moved to Florida and I cut his hair due to hot weather and some in-law pressures. Proud to report that we are now re-growing it. :)
WOW!!! This thread is AMAZING!!! I have not read all of the comments yet but I can guarantee you that I will. Finding this is priceless as we are going to buy an RV and be out of our home when our lease is up in October. Soon my DH, two teenagers, and 3 yro son and I will be on the road. We have decided to make a radical change to down size and simplify our lives. We have always been movers. Within the last 10 years we have lived in WI, CA, MN, IL, WA, OR and now...
Hmmmm, I was unaware of this. :) I will keep this in mind as to inquire about it when we are searching for properties. We should be buying within the next few months. ~~Thanks!
Oh no. I didn't realize it could cost so much. Anyone here do it cheaper? We plan to have a yurt for the first year or two while we build our cob home. We plan to live as minimalistic as possible so I am hoping that we will not be using that much power. Perhaps we will not need so many panels. Solar power and solar panels are new to me and I have not started too much research yet. We planned on it costing a bit but not that much. :( We guessed around 5,000. And if we had...
Moved to Homosassa Fl in October and finally getting around to looking for a pediatrician. Brooksville seems to have a nice hospital. Looking for a doctor for the whole family and a pediatrician. We do not vaccinate, my son is intact and I am still nursing Ocean at 3 and will continue until he stops. Support for these beliefs are a must! :) I am willing to go anywhere within 30 min of Homosassa. Thank you!
This is Ocean when he was 2. He is now 3 and is nursing away as much as he did when he is 1! <3 Also see my profile pic!
This is exactly how I feel about it and why I am starting this adventure with my kids. My daughter is 14 and my son is 11. My oldest is going to be a senior this year and wants to finish for obvious reasons and my youngest is just turning 3. This is a whole new experience for us all and I guess I thought that since they already were in school that they had to start where they left off. :) This is great news!! Thank you everyone!! Mothering Forums are the BEST resource...
Thank you ~onatightrope~ that great resource is a current favorite bookmark. I never thought to ask them. I just send them an email! :)   Blessedwithboys~I am on my way to tango with the dreaded school district handbook! LOL  
Thank you both for responding. That is good news. I guess you are right about his grade level being what I appoint. Do you know how I would go about finding that information for Florida? I have been trying to search Google for it and I guess I am choosing poor search words.  
Thank you for your quick response. We are homeschooling next year regardless. We have decided to let him finish this year out. I heard of someone pulling their child out of school as they were not doing well and were going to fail. They were able to home school the last month and their child passed the assessment test and they were able to move on to the next grade. I do  not plan on letting him return to public school as she did.   We will just deal with what comes....
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