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If I wanna ride the Max where can I park my car if I drive to where it picks up?
Thank you to EVERYONE who chimed in!! Especially to those who really went out of their way...you know who you are. :) We arrived Thursday evening and are super happy and excited!! Found a place in the NE. Now, if I can figure out the Max we'll be ok. :) haha
Huh?!  We did too. We arrived Thursday night. We live in the NE. What part are you in?  :)
Urbanmamas was GREAT but around the sun was hacked!!?? Crazy!! Thanks for everything!!
I am so sorry if this is against the rules!!!   But I thought I would just share with you guys that I saw that Boba carriers are gonna be 40% off on BlackFriday. I am a fan of them on my facebook and I saw the info yesterday. Wish I hadn't just ordered one last week!! Grrrrrrr,
We are moving to Portland this December and we are looking for cheap things to do as a family to get to know Portland. There seems to be many holiday light shows and concerts...any suggestions as to which are the best? Any other places and things to do that are relatively cheap or free? There are 6 of us and well...moving can take a financial toll. :) Thanks~~
Well, use Budget. Heck of alot cheaper than U-Haul!!!! http://www.budgettruck.com/Home.aspx?partnerid=65&ICID=homepage_left_truck&IID=truck&EADID=bcom_home_15 Probably 26' truck. They have 20-25% off coupons if you subscribe online. Deposit and insurance for the truck. Mmmmm, maybe 150. The 26" trucks have 50 gal tanks. 6 miles per gal. I am serious about the 6 miles per gallon. :) You can figure gas here  http://www.roadtripamerica.com/fuel-cost-calculator.php   Don't...
Thanks!!  I will!
Looking at a place NE 118th 900 block. How is that area????? If  you are afraid of offending people please just message me! :) Thanks you to EVERYONE for such detailed info. I knew I could count on you guys!! :)
Ok, now I am finding that rent isn't that different in these neighborhoods. I am in the process of emailng and trying to apply. What I really need now is your suggestions as to WHAT STREETS AND AREAS OF THESE NEIGHBORHOODS TO STAY AWAY FROM. I can view them on Google Earth but who knows what lies a few blocks away. Thanks~~
New Posts  All Forums: