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I guess I have bought so many patterns and tutorials from Etsy I thought I would try. They both make their own tho. I guess I will try too. It's just that I have only followed pattern and not altered one. I have been to the Weir Dolls site. I do not like the clothes but as far as a good base it might do well. I also appreciate the links to the free patterns for knitting but I am one of the only crafty women left who crochet instead of knit. I do plan to learn ASAP tho. I...
Ok, whew....I am exhausted from trying to find hip clothes patterns for Waldorf Dolls. I haven't started my doll yet so it doesn't matter if they are for 12" or 16"dolls. But, does anyone know where i can find hip Waldorf doll clothes patterns?? I found two great shops on Etsy that have what I want as far as clothing style but neither will sell patterns. Please help!! Here are the shops links so you know what I am looking for....
Thank you!! I will browse Hillsboro rental now!
I decided on Miini Moh. Like Eeni Meeni Miini Moh. What do you think? Eeni Meeni was taken....hahaha
You guys are AWESOME!! I won't be moving to Portland til Dec. 1st so if you guys haven't gotten together yet I would love to then. Just the friendliness and motivation from you guys make me excited to move to Portland!! YAY!!!!!!!
Does anyone know of any Waldorf doll making classes in or near Portland OR??
Any Waldorf doll making classes in or near Portland OR????
Is Beaverton nice?
Ohhhh, LOVE Woodsie!!
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