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HOORAY!!! I am so happy you have braved it out!!!! I am sure you will be happy you did. I was just thinking.......if you aren't sure about expenses and if you have a P.O. Box or something perhaps people would be happy to donate! I am not sure about the rules as far as that goes on this forum. It's not like you asked. I would be happy to help out with clothes, etc... If you want we can wait until you find out if you will be a mom to one or two first. I found out that alot...
How about an update mojobot2000? I've been checking to see how you are.
Oh, good idea....weight them down!! Might try that.
Great ideas!! Not sure if the Fimo will be heavy enough tho....??
Mine did this on the week we were to move with friends. We had him apologize, clean up the mess and mow their yard for a month. They were very nice about it. The could have called the police!! Over that month of dropping him off to mow they became very friendly and he developed more empathy for them and felt more responsible for it. Having to go back to the home and talk to these parents helped him realize that he didn't just egg some kids house. It is his PARENTS home...
I drool just seeing this link in my favorites! heehee FABRICWORM http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id...ller_usernames
Hey there, I am starting to plan a fun relaxed outdoors first birthday party for my son. No themes. I am making a felted banner, felt crown for him and am planning on colorful papel picado banners and balloons. Just a nice June day with pretty decorations. But since I am trying to make it a bit unique and as far from tacky as I can, I will need unique balloon weights for at the tables. I can make almost anything so ALL ideas are appreciated.......but please give me some...
How about any books on alternative education??
Just bought them both on Ebay!! Less than 10$ for both! Thanks!! Keep em' coming.
Two years ago I had an ultrasound that showed twins. I cried. I already had 3 children and we are far from well off or even "comfortable". We struggle like so many. Then at 10 weeks.....I miscarried. I would take back every tear if I could. I often wonder what my children would look like. I could have managed. And you can too. I never thought of terminating but I did secretly daydream about how easier it would be to miscarry. I felt so gulity when it happened. It felt as...
New Posts  All Forums: