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My 9 month old son Ocean is teething and is biting his hands. Now, I know that biting is normal but he is leaving severe marks on his hands and wrists and tonight a blood blister. He doesn't even seem to mind it???!!! He is BF and thankfully enough he has not decided that biting me is a good idea. Has anyone has any severe biters biting themselves???
You are right. I guess I am looking for a bit of everything. I have kids ranging from 15 to 9 mo. I am looking for non-traditional parenting books on any subject. I guess I could re-word it like this.....What was or is your most favorite non-traditional book on any subject pertaining parenting except pregnancy and birthing.
Quote: Originally Posted by moominmamma "well, there are lots of ways to be smart. Just like there are lots of ways to be strong. I'm very strong at carrying your brother around all day. Daddy's very strong at getting jar lids off and lifting furniture. Kevin is very strong when it comes to throwing balls. There are different kinds of strength, and there are different kinds of smartness. You're certainly very smart in ways we can see, but other kids who...
I am looking for suggestions on good parenting books. Suggestions for alternative education books are welcome too. Cheers~~Melody
It's a beautiful thing!!
His Dad sings and he will just vocalize with him. He runs his voice until he runs out of breath and keeps doing it until the song is over. It just seemed so special and unique because my other children never did it and I have never seen it. It seems that it should be so natural. I am sure that when music or types of chanting were common in small social groups that it was what babies did. It probably seems unique because we have lost those things. And not everyone feels...
I usually forgo the shower and take baths with my babes. Two birds one stone.....clean mama clean baby!
....................departing train!
My 8mo. old sings with his dad. He has been singing for months! I have 3 other children and they never did this. Has anyone else had or have seen an infant sing?
You know, you are clearly right. I guess I was getting carried away with starting new foods and was thinking of things he could try to drink. But, you are right. Breast milk is all he really needs and a little water while eating. How do you feel about diluted juices? He doesn't "need" that either then huh? Thanks~~
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