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I asked a little while ago about how I can limit character toys in my home and I now have another question.     This question is for those of you who allow your kids to have a balance of some mainstream toys along with the waldorf type toys. 1- Do you notice a preference for one style over the other? 2- What are the mainstream toys you and your kids like (especially those with toddlers and younger children?). The reason I ask is because family won't shop online...
I have a question. In my ideal world, I'd like 2.5 year old DS to play with all eco friendly and open ended toys. However that is harder for me to accomplish than I had thought it would be. DS's friends all play with mainstream toys and so that's what he gravitates towards. Some of the eco friendly stuff can also be kinda pricey- even on ebay and craigslist. Has anyone had this similiar issue? Does it get harder as they get older? And my biggest question- Has anyone had...
Thanks! I love garden porn almost as much as yarn porn! Off to have a looksie
What fruits, veggies, fruit trees and herbs do well in direct, scorching sunlight? I have a fence I'd like to put raised beds or espalier trees along but, in the summer it gets full sun all day long. It is pretty hot. We gave up on the grass along it. I am in california's Central valley - zone 9 i believe? There is not much shade in my yard which, leads me to another question- how can I make more shade besides planting shade trees? I'd like it to look somewhat nice. Thanks...
Where is your favorite place for getting heirloom seeds and plants online in the usa? Favorite catalog?
No I havent considered fig. I don't really eat much fig. So how long would a semi dwarf live compared to a dwarf? Thanks for all the help. This is confusing.
I'm looking into ordering some fruit trees and was wondering if anyone could tell me what the following terms means? Dwarf on bud Dwarf on M-27 Dwarf on apple on apple seedling on root in liner pots
JudiAU- Yes, saftey is a good point. I used to talk about it all the time when ds was a baby and still mouthing things. My family's take on it is that I am overprotective and raising my son in a bubble. They go between being amused and rolling their eyes. My sister laughs and tells people that "she only likes "organic" toys" I find it hurt me and so I stopped talking about it and now we have all this junk. I don't think that wanting toys that stimulate the imagination...
Ok so I tried to post this question and something happened and it didn't post right....so here it is again, What are your favorite books for children ages 2 and 3? Thank you
Not sure if this is the right place to ask this but, where can I find a few large tree stumps for free or cheap? Thanks!
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