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I have felt strongly (both with DD and this current pregnancy) that I didn't want any visitors for the first two weeks after the birth. To me it is a very private and personal bonding time for the new baby, DH and I (and this time DD). SIL wanted to wait six weeks before any visitors, and she made it very clear to everyone in the family ahead of time. MIL, on the other hand, had several people there for all 5 of her births and was very grateful to have friends coming...
I exclusively breastfed DD until she was about 14 months old. I'd occasionally offered food to her before then but she wasn't very interested. Then suddenly she was VERY interested and started eating a jar of baby food a day + snacks. I had been using EBF as my "birth control" and basically the week she started wanting food instead I got pregnant...lol.
I'm sorry to hear all this...your dh needs to be way more understanding. My dh pushes me to be a certain weight too and it is so frustrating. He made a comment a few days ago asking "are you looking forward to being your mom's size?" because he noticed my thighs are a little bigger. I am only 125 pounds! I have only gained 10 pounds so far this pregnancy and am in my 3rd trimester. He has been making comments about my weight for over a year now even before I was pregnant...
Neither for me or anyone in my immediate family.
Wanted to mention an attached upper lip frenulum as a possibility as well, since that's not something everyone thinks to check for.
I *knew* I was having a girl before I'd even missed my period. I remember turning to DH and saying "...I think there's a little girl inside me." I found out two weeks later that I was pregnant and no one could convince me the entire pregnancy that I might have a boy. We took some time to pick out a boy's name anyway, just in case, but I was not at all surprised when DD was born and the doctor told me she was a girl. This time I have NO CLUE which has been kind of...
Due Date: December 28th Predicted date of Delivery: December 21st --DH, DD and I all have birthdays on the 21st so it would be awesome if this LO does too. Length of Labor: 6 hours Baby # for you: 2 Baby's weight: 7 pounds 2 ounces Baby's height: 20 inches
We are waiting until the birth to find out whether this is a boy or a girl. DH and I have agreed on a boy's name but have really struggled a lot to find a girl's name we both like. The other day he mentioned one, and I really like it too, but...a friend of mine was considering it for the middle name for her daughter (along with a few other possible middle names) before she miscarried. Should we forget the name and hope to eventually agree on something different? I'm...
I started having real contractions on and off and gradually dilating around 30-32 weeks with DD. I didn't go into labor until 38 1/2 weeks but by the time I went into labor I was already 6cm dilated before my labor contractions started. Made for a quick and easy birth. It could be cause for concern but also you could be just fine and have the baby full term. I'd try not to worry about it because worrying usually doesn't make things better.
Thankfully we agree on a boy's name. Rejected girl's names that I like: Talia Ayla (DH said no names ending in "la") Holly (no names with Christmas association) Kalyca Haven Names I rejected: Elizabeth Bethany Charity (I like the name fine but someone else in the family used it--DH doesn't think that should matter but I prefer not to repeat names) We both liked Lily until we realized how popular it has become.
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