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Hi again - I'm back in town and can check on shipping for you if you are still interested. let me know, K
I would love to get one of these but she is not making them anymore. Anyone have one gathering dust they would like to sell or trade? I have lots of parenting books, a homemade ring sling, hypnobabies home study course, lots of girls' clothing, etc. for trade. Let me know... Please reply with sizing, colour, condition, and price. Thanks! Kelley
I have a full kit for you (CDs, books, cheat sheets, etc.). However, I am in Ottawa, Ontario, so the shipping would have to be extra. If you are interested, I can find out what it would cost to ship it to you. Would you like to send me your postal code privately? Let me know, Kelley
took the evaluation, would love to win the curriculum
thinking of you and hoping your migraine subsides. and your pimples (!!)
    Thanks for sharing your story with us Rebecca. I'm comforted by hearing all of our stories and I'm grateful that this is a place we feel safe to share and support one another. One of these days, I'll type out my long sorry tale of depression but I can't bring myself to do it right now. Suffice to say, I'm mostly managing it these days and would be considered highly functioning by most, yet, still the demons persist in my head from time to time.     
I don't want to be a fear monger, but I try to be cautious with not overusing dopplers and ultrasounds. There is some research to suggest that multiple exposures could have detrimental effects. I'm all for using them for the odd health-related check (I just had the NT scan today), but I have to say that they make me nervous in their current strengths. Here is an interesting article for anyone interested to read and make their own decisions...
weird - i'm totally confused why you can't get an ultrasound in Winnipeg. In most places, it's not even your family doc who does it, it is the doctor in the dept. What is the reason they are giving you? Also, at your age (I, too, am an "older" mom), you should be able to get an ultrasound early. If I were you, I would just go to a walk-in clinic and have the attending doc book your ultrasound. It really shouldn't be so complicated, that's crazy.   I just had my NT...
It's actually quite reassuring to read that so many of you are still struggling with extreme fatigue. I have definitely been fighting it a lot lately, and especially since the Zofran has eased the nausea, I seem more aware of my need for rest. I have actually been spending way too much of time trying to figure out how I can sneak a nap in throughout the day and truly fantasize about crawling into bed. My desire to be in bed as much as possible is worrisome - in my...
so .. if I read that right, you are a SAHM right now? If so .. 1. What is your favourite part about being a SAHM? 2. What is your least favourite part about being a SAHM? 3. What, if anything, do you miss about your past career? 4. Do you plan to return to work? How old would you like your kids to be? 5. Do your kids have any funny nicknames?
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