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i eat crap during pregnancy too.  i crave the most random things.  Smoothies from Smoothie King, Cheesesteak subs??, Publix Ultimate Boardshead subs, random crap.  I really crave the protein too...which I something I don't get much of otherwise.  And I crave soda.  And I never drink soda.  I NEVER eat fast food - but man i have been fantasizing about a Big Mac lately.  mmmmmmmmmm.....   I ran last week twice in Florida - flat, fast, but i struggled as usual - my...
i may have to jump over to the target gummies - i have been taking the rainbow light one a day but they make me gag every time.  they are huge and not coated and the smell makes me heave.  i hate them.  they don't really bother my stomach though.   i also take the nordic naturals DHA fish oil (for pregnancy) daily.  the fish burps arent too terrible.    
the fatigue is crazy - my heartrate just skyrockets now with any exercise and i am so winded easily.  i hope that at some point that gets better.  i had forgotten with my son just how TIRED you get - only i wasn't nearly as active with him.  some days i feel i can barely keep my head upright.   how does RH- affect workouts??  i think my husband were both positive so we got out of the shot with our blood results.  
running is addicting isn't it??  i started last september and had never run in my life (except for the occasional jog on the treadmill at the gym).  started with couch-2-5k and skipped over doing the actual race and went on to run a half marathon in march.  doh!  i like to just get right to it apparently.  i overtrained though and wind up with one injury after another and was totally burnt out after the 1/2 - but i couldn't quit 'training'.  i needed to be in training...
i was being dramatic.  i get protective of my names as though i am the only one who has ever thought them up.  which is ridiculous, lol.   sorry you misread the tone.      
ya'll - i was being extremely sarcastic re: 'im sure there are none in existence' - and 'copyright'ing.  SERIOUSLY???   wow.  sorry.
i love mallory.   and ellis is very cute ;-)  i like emery too.  i love love love Emerson.  im sure there are no Emerson's in existence.  Can I TM that one too? lol.  hardy har.  i feel like a 2 year old klepto hording toys when it comes to dishing my favorite names.  
  *Name: Shawna *EDD: March 30th *Age/ age when the baby will be born: 34 *Location: Atlanta GA *How long it took you to get your BFP: 4 months *What number child is this for you: 2 *Family (partner, other children, pets): husband of 5 years - 1 son born 9/21/09 *Birth plans/preferences: hospital or home waterbirth  
charley (or charleigh) is our girl name also.  its a family name for my side (all the men of course) and my middle name is Leigh - but ive always thought it was cute and spunky for a girl.  my mom said she wanted to name me Charlize (which i respectfully DO NOT like as an alternative) but no one would go for it.  when my husband and i met i was obsessed with him agreeing to the name of our future unborn child.  i got him on board with this and now ive actually tried to...
I'd love to jump in here.   I am very NEWLY pregnant with my second.  Due date 3/30.  Cautiously optimistic ;-)  Im 32.  My son is 2.   I was not very active during my first pregnancy - and in the last year I've really gotten into running/tris.  Started with Couch 2 5k last winter and then jumped into a half marathon training.  Completed a half in March (with an injury which SUCKED! but at least i still did it), with a respectable time - and needed a break from...
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