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paperbackswap.com Best site for book listing if you want to make sure they go to a good home, but you have to pay for shipping (but you get book credits in return). However, if you want them out of your house right this minute, I'm out of ideas. I would say goodwill, because of ease of drop off and craigslist has A LOT of flakes.
I have NEVER liked a site this much; and I've tried habitizer, calendar apps, memo to me, and a bunch of others. Seriously great set up, thanks for sharing!
ichibankanusa.com We use bento boxes bought from here, and I sewed cloth bags to hold them. The boxes are really cheap, and ADORABLE. $30 worth of boxes, including shipping, got 4 full sets of lunch ware and accessories for making the food cute. Husband RARELY has any trash from his lunch, unless he gets hungry and buys something at work (He works at Whole Foods, so I mind less than if it was fast food or something).
This is my first post, but this thread is why I joined Mothering! I read through the whole thing, and in the process vaccuumed, did laundry, organized, and packed (we move next weekend!) and have been less stressed than ever. I think most of it is feeling less lonely (as mentioned earlier in the thread, that's a HUGE downer) both from hearing of everyone else's motivations and inspirations, but also because I'm inspired to find other moms in the area we're moving to...
New Posts  All Forums: