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You know..I am such a nicer person than you. I am sitting here reading your blog and thinking how I have your number, your full name, your blog, and I am being trashed on by you publically, when if you really just wanted to talk to me or help, you could have emailed me. Yet, I could never ever bring myself to treat someone the way you have been treating me. I don't care if you believe Dr C did what he did. I do care that you try to call me out as a liar. I love how on...
Yeah, you did not have a pic of your baby under your other name...EElady. and you stopped posting under that name once you slipped up and posted under this name. Of course, are you now going to suddenly switch back to EElady sign on name?    
Then why did you make up a second name to post under? Since you have no problem with sending me personal emails....and I have not been posting identifying information here, why did you feel the need to make a second name to post under and start attacking me? You are the exact example of how a group can go bad. When you first started to attack me, I should have left the ican group. But I stayed because I was vulnerable. That was where my mistake was. I stayed in a group...
http://www.haltabuse.org/resources/laws/texas.shtml   If you want to make up emails, and put all my personal info out there, and put out false emails under my name...then you will can answer to the police because I will file charges against you. I have never threatened you, but you have threatened me. And you are clearly stalking me.     http://www.mothering.com/community/a/terms-of-service
I am calling you names? Let's see..I said eelady was a cyberbully and a zealot bully...and you say you are the one I am calling names. Are you confusing which name you are posting under now? You should pay better attention when you sign in and out under your different names.    
I already can see that you are Abbey, and you are neveraim...same person. And it does not take a genius to see that both of you live near me, used the same doctor, both have had vba3c, and both of you seem to be posting at the same times. I did call the local police department about local cyber stalking laws and turns out, we do have laws against cyberstalking and cyberbullying. You clearly have an agenda and clearly qualify for criminal charges. If you continue to stalk...
So you did just happen to join after my baby was born, and happen to be so busy with your career and children that you do not have the time to read but have the time to read every single one of my posts, and you admit to being one of the ones who emailed me. You also just happen to know which ICAN group I was on and you seem to be stalking my posts and emails.    Yes, I found a doctor when I found out Dr. Cummings was out of town to take me because he took off and left no...
So which is it...you have limited time..or you spent hours and hours searching through months of posts to confirm that there were no bullying posts and be an expert? No, you come off like someone who joined just to continue the bullying here.    
Your baby was possibly not properly situated. My first csect was induced...but not like yours. Mine was a very forced induction 2 weeks early. He did not come out after 4.5 hrs of pushing.   My next baby, 17 months later, was a very rewarding vbac. I think you should go for it!
Actually, what I have said is 100% true and you are probably just one of the people who was trashing on me when I said anything at all about Dr. C. And others on the group did point out the bullying too. And if you were at the inperson meetings, you would know the group did say some things about the OB I had seen previously.   And I love how you just joined just to make this post. Seriously, your post illustrates all the more how I was treated there.      
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