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My husband's opposition to Legos is more about the foot injuries when you step on them! LOL...seriously..I broke my ankle once on them. Recently, the toy fairy confiscated a huge rubber made container full of Legos because they were all over the floor. The toy fairy will give it back eventually.  
No..sorry. I had my two vbacs elsewhere. When we moved here, I have been with this one OB. I did not plan a vbac in 2006, but due to some circumstances, it happened, stayed with same OB, and she sort of pressured me in to a csect at the end, even though she had agreed to vbac at beginning. That was baby 2009. I had horrible complications from that csect and came close to dying. I did not want another csect again. She actually apologized for pushing me in to the csect, even...
I went to inperson meeting too.    
The people in the group were very against my old doctor and made it clear I would not be able to have a vbac with anyone else but the one favored OB in the group. The OB I had been with agreed to a vba3c so...I thought I was fine. But, within the group, they just kept saying you cannot trust anyone else but that one OB.   
She told me I was not in real labor. I never said should I go to the hospital but rather I said I needed to go to the hospital. I told her I had 4 past c-sect and was planning a vbac. She told me she would not see me and I had to wait until Monday to see my OB, she would not call him. She said because my contractions were not less than 5 minutes apart, I was not in real labor, therefore, I am not go go in. I begged her to call my regular OB then because I am in so much...
We were offered free horses a couple years ago from someone who was moving and was a friend of a relative.    
That is what I should look in to getting!! Thanks!
I had an ectopic outside the tube before. I was doing fertility treatments at the time so it was caught very early. I don't know if I would have been in a bunch of pain given more time.
I wish I could let it go. But 11 yrs ago, I had similar circumstances. Only, it ended different. I did not go elsewhere. I just kept thinking things would work out. My son ended up dying. Now I can't stop thinking about it. I cry a lot over it because things were so similar and my little girl (born end Sept 2011) could have been dead right now and my little boy (Nov 2000) IS dead right now.     
I am wondering, because I have received some hate emails saying I handled this wrong. Basically, when I was in labor, I called my OB, who I had seen the day before but sent me home as I was only at a zero, but I got the on-call OB. The on-call OB told me my contractions were too far apart for it to be real labor so she would not admit me or allow me to be admitted, nor would she allow my regular OB to be called. I begged and pleaded with her to please check me out or at...
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