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Then you respectfully decline telling them it is not your religion. It is ok to be of a different religion and make sure your children know this. I teach my children to be very accepting of other's religions. Maybe you could also google about religions and teach the kids about various belief systems around the world and how others celebrate. That can be fun.
I was too all over the place on the other post, so I will try to get to the point. (OK..so....I really really got off topic in that last post...I should not post while I am trying to do everything else).   What is everyone giving their children this year? I am thinking of getting a wooden toy house I have seen on ads here. And I always liked that rainbow nesting stacker toy. Any experience with these toys? I already have playsilks so I do not need any new of those...
3-4 times a day for my 2 yr old who keeps dumping food in his hair. If they are otherwise clean, a couple times a week is fine. But, apparently, my 2 yr old loves rubbing food in to his hair so...he is never "otherwise clean."
I think it would be cruel to not allow a child to have a birth certificate. I suppose it would be ok for you, as you are not the one who would be unemployable, unable to ever go to college, unable to anything in the future. But it would only seriously hurt your child. Makes no sense.
I am very sorry it was like that for you. That is an exact description what it was like for me with that ICAN group. They never spoke about actual vbac things. They acted like I was a criminal if I suggested at all that things the doctor was doing was off or wrong. The entire group was just a support that doctor group instead of any sort of vbac support or information providing or anything.
I sent them an email. I know it is only noon, but no response yet.
Anyway, the point is, I am miserable and wish I did not have to feel this way. This whole pregnancy was rotten and traumatic because of the horrible nasty OB and my inability to get any support. I was stupidly in an ICAN group where if I tried to say at all that I was having troubles, I was quickly shut down and told how wonderful the OB was and if I was having troubles, it was just me. Only..it was not. And I almost died because I allowed myself to be manipulated by...
I am still in so much emotional pain. I feel the need to find justice by filing a complaint with the state. I already knew from other people as well as from past experience that the state never holds any doctor accountable. Doctors are holy gods who can do no wrong. But I still feel like I need to complain to the state and hope there will be an exception.   Instead, without the state even investigating what happened, they sent me a letter back denying any wrongdoing...
I went to the ican website and could not find any sort of contact information.
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