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That is exactly how it was. If you do not go to this one doctor, you were not going to have a vbac. He is the only one anyone can trust and so on. They would say negative things about other doctors and midwives, but if you dared even express a concern, they jumped all over you. I even got emails that I was risking getting sued by saying anything about that one doctor.
Not for me, it is not easier. At least with the emergency c-sect, I know my child was not born early. I know he was born on his/her due date. I can feel good about that. I also feel good that I tried.   If you want a repeat csect, I would not fault anyone for that. It is your body and your choice and I seriously do believe that (unless you want an abortion, I am prochoice for our bodies, not baby's bodies, but that is for another post). Anyway, if YOU want a planned...
It sounds to me like your sister is playing favorites. I have dealt with relatives playing favorites myself. I had to stand up to them and say no more. If they have one child over, it has to be both. If they only want one at a time, they will alternate. It led to a lot of anger and not speaking to me for months, but when they came around, things were better. I am glad I put my foot down because it has been 14 years since all that happened and just imagaine how bad things...
I am so sorry!!!   My 2 yr old is acting the same way and it IS very hard to deal with. I wish I had good advice. But...I am here (((hugs))))
I had a doctor once inform a previous doctor that I was seeing her. Even though I had been with her for some time, I dropped her instantly. Even though she told me how sorry she was several times over, I never felt I could trust her again.
I think that by law, you have to get the client's consent to release that information.   Why would you inform the past midwife? Because it sounds like gossip and/or trouble making to me.   If you decide you are going to tell the last midwife, you need to make sure you have written consent from the client.
My first csect and then first vbac are only 17 months apart. You can do it!
I will say though, my plan was to try to hold off on the epidural as long as possible. So, I had planned to use IV drugs as a first resort and an epidural when things got too much for me. Well, my OB refused to admit me even though I was in horrendous pain. I had had vbacs before so I knew how things were supposed to be and that was not how they were supposed to be. By the time I was admitted, I had been in labor for over 40 hrs and was in extreme pain. By then, the IV...
The epidural affects the baby less than the IV drugs. I have had both, IV drugs and epidurals. I had planned to do an epidural this last time, but I never dilated and ended up in a csect. I did try the morphine and fentanyl when I first was admitted to the hospital, but my contractions were so bad that they did not touch the pain.
I was on the ICAN yahoo group for my local area. They were over the top in to one particular doctor. Members of the group would convince women that they needed to drive hours for this OB even for a vba1c. If anyone suggested going to a different doctor, the women would jump all over them about needing to be with this one particular doctor. They would say he was the only one that could be trusted for hours away. And if you dare shared something negative, no matter what it...
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