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Thanks you guys these are great! Quote: Originally Posted by BetsyS Cheese straws How do you make cheese straws? And neptunemama what spices are you using? And what nuts?
What is that one food item that is consistently asked for again and again by your family and friends? This can be either a food gift, a dish you prepare and bring/serve for the holidays, or even something you recieve as a food gift or someone else brings/serves for the holidays. Both sweet and savory are welcome! Really it can be anything as long as it's something that gets requests year after year. Feel free to include recipes if you're feeling generous!
Quote: Originally Posted by ecstaticmama24 There are alot of two shoulder carriers out there, if there is a local babywearing group it would be nice for her to try a bunch. How does one go about finding a local babywearing group?
Hi I was on here a while back asking for midwife recommendations in the Auburn and surrounding areas. I got lots of great info from you ladies. We did actually find a midwife team we fell in love with in Citrus Heights. Thing is we recently moved from Auburn to Gold Run and now live quite a bit further from Citrus Heights. In fact at this point Truckee would be closer. I'm really hoping we can find someone just a good but a bit closer. So does anyone know of any midwife...
Quote: Originally Posted by lisarussell Let it dry in the bag- open the bag, put it in a dark, warm closet and keep it stirred to avoid mildew. once it's dry let it stay there for a week or so to cure (like wine) Then stick it in the crock pot with 3-4 pounds of butter for a few hours (like all day long) strain it through cheesecloth or a Tshirt (squeeze it all out) add to... pesto, spaghetti sauce, salad dressing, brownies, lemon bars, warm...
So last night our most fabulous neighbors bopped on over and deliverd 3 paper grocery bags FILLED with the most beautiful trim! Of course there's also a goodly amount of happy buds as well as stems. Here's the thing. While I've heard of such things I've NEVER in my life had this happen and this is the first year I've even seen trim. So my question is. What can I do with all of this lovely green? I'm a total newb so I'm looking for as many diffent options and VERY clear,...
This thread is so inspiring especially since this year my parents are doing the turkey and we're in charge of the sides!
I'm white and my husband is Filipino. He was born in Manila but raised in the states. We're ttc#1 right now and looking forward to having some beautiful euroasian babies!!!
I just moved from 5mins from a hospital to 30mins and was worried this would risk me out of a homebirth so I'm glad I found this thread!
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