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Quote: Originally Posted by erthe_mama witchypants, that sounds like polyfidelity to me, but I could be wrong. Welcome!! Perhaps. I'm not clear what 'polyfidelity' is. Anyone care to explain?
Hi I'm wondering if I can join. My husband and I have been married for over 9 years and in addition I have a bf who lives with us and has for the past 8 years. We aren't all sexual together nor do I consider us a 'poly' family. I do however consider our arrangement to be biandry (I have two husbands) because there is monogamy within our arrangement. Anyway, DH and I have started ttc and I thought this would be a great place to get ideas about how to introduce children into...
Quote: Originally Posted by MaerynPearl could be a good stress reliever while moving if you BD! True! True! Heehee!
Well I never did make it to my Wednesday (today) test date - AF showed up Sunday morning. So I'm now waiting to O. We move at the end of this month and our moving day is right across my predicted O days - hopefully we won't be too tired from moving to do some BD-ing. Babydust to you all!
Hey there everyone! AF showed up for me at the beginning of this week so could I please be moved to waiting to O. We're moving at the end of this month so things are crazy here and I'm scheduled to O the week we move - eek! Hopefully we'll be able to make some time for BD'ing
Can I join too? I'm in the waiting to know. I don't know how to share the link thingy to my chart anymore. But FF says my test date is Sunday the 20th. But I want to wait til DH will actually be home so I can share it with him so I'm thinking I'll wait 'til Wednesday the 23rd. BUT his next day off is techinically tomorrow so I could do it tomorrow a day earlier. But I'm really trying to wait 'cause I figure if I am pregnant then I still will be Wednesday, plus if I'm not...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lyndzies Looking good! When's your test date? FWIW, I'm not sure how much weight or hope you can put in the FF pregnancy points... but they are fun to look at and yet another thing for us to obsess over, right? Well FF has suggested a test date of Sunday the 20th but I want to test on a day my husband will actually be home too so I can share the news so I've made my test day Wednesday the 23rd! The only...
Hi somehow I think this got lost in the thread but could I please be moved to waiting to know. I might actually make it to my test date this time which is pretty rare for me. Plus FF has never given me a higher 'pregnancy score' I think the highest I've ever had before is 42 so I'm excited. Here it is if anyone feels like stalking it some: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/25d8f4
I O'd! So can I please be moved to waiting to know? Thanks! Oh and how are you guys getting your chart links connected to your username in the first page with the roll call thingy? I hope that made sense.
Thanks so much! These recipes are awesome! I'm so happy that there's options for our old milk! I just hate wasting so this thrills me! Thanks again!
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