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What a lovely story! Congratulations!
What a beautiful story! Congratulations!
Growth spurt already! Ailyn will be 3 weeks old on Monday and i can't believe how lucid i am compared with past babies! like i totally recognize this growth spurt behavior! I can tell she's already gained a bunch of weight. I'm super curious so i might take her to see my coworkers and weigh her while I'm there
@steffanie3 wow! You did it! Congratulations! Wahoo!!
Oooh so sweet! Congratulations!
There we were in the NICU all together as a family :)   There's those big eyeballs...taken this past weekend :)   Mother & daughter and I'm outta time!
Welcome! Yes, the Babycenter crowd is a special new brand of stoopid that makes one wonder about the future of humans!! Sorry it was so late in your pregnancy! Also, sorry it took so long for a reply here's hoping you're busy with a baby
Congratulations! She's so adorable! Glad the birth went so well in spite of it trying not to!
Ailyn Dharma was born via emergency cesarean Monday evening March 10th, on her big brother's 14th birthday. Earlier that morning I realized she'd stopped moving and even after sugar and caffeine and plenty of time to respond, the only way I could get movement was to poke at her. So I gave up on birthday plans and asked the midwife office where I should go. They did a non stress test and her heart rate showed no variability so then we had a biophysical profile and she...
I think most of our activity has moved to Facebook. Taking it easy ought to sound fun at this point! Enjoy it!
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