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Thanks!  I've been debating one of these and/or a Shrinkx Hips belt to help squish the hips back into place.  I have a big credit at BRU and am thinking I'll get both.   I wonder - I've been using DH's back support (weight lifting style belt) to help stabilize my hips/back the last month and wonder if that would work in lieu of buying a specific "belly binder"?.  It's like this but no...
I'm so frustrated!  My older 2 are partially vaxed and unvaxed thus far.  We've been trying to get them exposed to chicken pox for almost 7 years and nada.  Well, we did manage to get HFMD at 18 mos due to a misdiagnosed case of CP, but no pox.  It rarely even breaks out around here and almost 100% of the people I know fully vaxed their kids anyway.  DS8 was exposed in kindy but didn't get it (casual, sat nexxt to the girl who got it so I wasn't surprised when he didn't...
I get the dizziness and stars thing, too, but my BP has been abnormally low for me this whole pg (90/50ish) and I've had a few lowish hemoglobins so I chalk it up to that.  When I take my floradix (gross, yuck!!) it seems to happen less and I also seem less winded (from the low BP).
With #1 I was seeing a hospital CNM and had preterm labor (was hospitalized at 23w) and constant cervical u/s checks.  I was dilated a bit (it changed weekly) and 50% effaced from 23w onward.  With #2 I saw a HB CPM and we decided that despite irritable uterus and contractions we were not going to check my cervix until/unless I wanted her to so as not to stir things up.  I was 5cm and 80% effaced with #2 at 37w and we all assumed I would be having her in the next day...
Ditto.  4/6 here and I just say April.  It's easier than dealing with people and for PETE'S SAKE, it is really no one else's business!!!!  My mother wanted to know because she was visiting around the time when we *could* have gotten pregnant and is being disgustingly nosey about whether she was here when baby was conceived.  Back the #&$^ off!  Totally not your biz, even if we WERE close!!
She sounds similar to my mom - but my mom wouldn't ever respect my wishes! LOL  I wouldn't tell my mom anything other than "April" for when I'm due so she has no idea I"m already 36w.  She thinks it's the end of the month.  SHe's 1000 miles away but would pop into her car and show up uninvited and unannounced if she knew much more.  I've gotten the entitlement crap too about "HER" grandchild.  Whatever.  You'll be invited when we invite you - that's that.
Yep!  Trust me, it will be your BFF.  For me it was the difference between wincing around and being rather comfy. ;)  
Gender is a surprise. Hb ranges from high 140s to 160s. Can't rcall DS or dd's.
Any rude comments I've gotten have been form my MIL or mom.  I feel giant compared to my other 2 but I actually carry really small and have barely gained 20lb at 36w.  I'l all belly but my MIL keeps pointing out that I'm HUGE (perhaps compared to a size 2 prepreg, yes I look "huge" but considering I'm 9 months pg with my 3rd baby and I can still button my regular jacket and fit into some pre-pg pants and shirts I'd hardly call me huge!).  Then the random strangers and...
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