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My ILs often get giant packs of pretzels at Costco (small, individual bags) to hand out. Much as I hate the candy, I almost hate the trinket-y junk even more. It seems such a waste. Plus, there's a dentist here who pays $1/lb for candy the week after Halloween so I let the kids go through and pick out a few choice items then we take everything to the candy buy back and they get a few dollars for it.
Walmart has a great selection of CHEAP food storage. Although I don't do plastic for leftovers or anything wet, I don't mind storing inert stuff like grains in plastic (mainly because we've already got plastic storage so it seemed wasteful to buy more *stuff*, KWIM?). I'd purchased plastic storage containers years ago and actually just recently saw a graduated size plastic storage set like mine at WM for $4 for the whole set! (largest one is perhaps 12-15 inches tall and...
Thanks all! Next trip to the HFS I'm going to buy some and try it. My plan was also to freeze flat for ease of thawing and for freezer space (harkening back to my days of pumping! ). I hate to use plastic bags but I use them so rarely anymore and wash/reuse so I'm telling myself it's OK for this. dachshundqueen, how long do they take to cook in a pressure cooker? Mine broke so I need a new one anyway.
I typically purchase canned black beans and adzuki beans but want to get away from canned foods to save on cost and to avoid BPA liners. Beans are my quick go-to thing so dried is going to change that since they take a while to cook. I'm curious if it's possible to cook a large amount of dried beans in the crockpot and then freeze in smaller portions so they're ready quickly? Will freezing make them mush or would they still make good veggie tacos, soups, etc? Any other...
We were unable to do Montessori preschool for our kids because of the high cost in our area but are now looking at a Montessori pk-6th school in the area. DS just started 1st grade. I understand the Montessori philosophy (essentially) and completely get how it is a far superior choice for ages 3-5 but am having a harder time envisioning how the curriculum expands into elementary and middle school? I'd love any information or insight anyone can provide.
ITA with all the responses thus far. DS never asked (AND I think the hair/no hair issue is a bigger deal to little boys than foreskin) but we've told him that a doctor cut off part of DH's penis when he was a baby because they used to think it was a good thing to do but that we didn't let them do that to him because God gave him a foreskin and God made him perfect. That was enough for him. My better answer if DH had asked that question of me would have been, "So when we...
Quote: Originally Posted by snoodess The Crocodile Creek ones fit them. Thanks all. I had really wanted a garnet hill one but found out they don't fit. Will check these out.
I'm curious if anyone has found a lunch bag (other than those sold on the LTL site) that will fit the laptop lunch bento inside? DS wants a "fun" lunchbag and I'm striking out finding something and school starts in a few weeks.
I'd bet anything they don't list them. THey aren't legally required to list ingredients so can get away with nearly anything! THis is why I make my own a'la "Clean house clean planet"
I'm in CO and DS had some vaxes (before he reacted to DTaP twice) and have signed a philo ex. for kindergarten. BUT I didn't submit his partial vax record, just the exemption.
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