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I HATE mine. Cannot stress the hatred enough! As other said, tough to clean (yes, spills wipe easily but it always looks streaky and anything that gets burnt on leaves a mark), tough to regulate temp, stays hot forever after it's shut off, but also if your pot isn't perfectly flat you have to hold it the entire time. I have a nice frying pan (allclad) that is slightly "off" (the weight of the handle pulls it down when cooking light foods like eggs, etc), which never...
NM, don't know why I even bother to ask things here
Quote: Originally Posted by ekortering http://i.walmart.com/i/p/00/07/55/36...43_215X215.jpg I picked up 2 of these on clearance for $13 They come in red or blue. Holy moly thats a good price! Much as I hate to shop at walmart, my ethics often outpace our paycheck so I may have to head over there. Were they in a special spot or just with the rest of the cast iron/pots&pans?
Not sure if this is the right spot but I"m trying to find ways to add more meatless meals to our repertoire - both for health and budget consciousness, but DH is pretty resistant. He's very hung up on protein and "complete proteins" and while we don't eat much red meat, we do have some kind of fish/poultry, etc every day. Any suggestions for meatless meals that might pass muster for someone like this? Oh, and I can't use soy because it's a migraine trigger here...
what about a foamer pump bottle to dispense it? THen the wateriness won't matter. Not sure it would work though - never used soap nuts...
I am all for natural and follow most of what is posted here, but when it comes to mice we use poison. There are deer mice here (hantavirus!) plus I just don't want to have to clean that all the time - GROSS! We bought a huge bucket last year from a do your own pest control place online with kid/pet proof bait boxes and it worked. Hopefully they'll stay away this year but if not, we're ready.
I'm looking for a child sized sling for DD (2 1/2 ). Was planning to purchase a zolo but they no longer carry them so, any suggestions? I"m hopeing for a ring sling (I use a zolo with her) but am open to a pouch style, as well. TIA!!:
I use a diva but have been thinking of getting somethig a little smaller. I just wanted to chime in re th washing issue - you could always keep a small bottle with a squirt top (like what you can buy at Target, etc for filling with lotion to put in a travel bag) and fill it with water when you enter the restroom, the rinse it prior to reinserting. It's not washing, but better than a TP wipe perhaps? I rarely need to empty mine in public other than day 1 anyways.
ANother everyday minerals user here - love it! I've still not found my perfect foundation match in any MMU just because I have a hard time figuring out undertones, etc but the good thing is you can blend/combine as needed and I've found MMU to be very forgiving (ie: if the color you chooe isn't a perfecft match it can still work while you experiement and it won't stick out like a sore thumb!) Re: the first brand the OP linked, they list Bismuth Oxichloride as an...
Cali Baby also makes a nice one if you need something ready-made.
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