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Vegan Comfort Food that evokes old timey recipe! This is a fun Sunday dinner that evokes grandma's chops, mashed potatoes, and gravy! You must do steps one and two before cooking the recipe to have everything prepared for Sunday (one day make gluten ball and soak, next day marinate, next day cook). Gluten Chops with Mashed Potatoes and Miso Gravy.   Ingredient List: Gluten: Whole wheat flour (This recipe uses a lot of flour, as when you are done you will have "chops"...
Ugh- so sorry that this happened.  I agree with EVERYTHING said here. That's what I would do.   In a similar story, I had a friend who learned second hand that we do not vaccinate and she unfriended me on FB and started talking smack about me on her wall (I read it because she forgot to unfriend DP who is on the same page with me on the vax issue, duh). She doesn't even have kids! 
I have found that using only baking soda with coconut oil irritates the skin. It starts peeling and getting red all the time. So I have ben experimenting. So far, the best mix has been coconut oil, baking soda, kaolin clay, oregon grape root powder, and essential oil of lemon or lavender.
We had a similar experience of too many of certain things to use. But we will try again!
I am about to go through the basement and purge anything we have but have not used for a year in a big yard sale. The one exception is super cute kid clothes, because we want to keep the good ones for the next one (hopefully, fingers crossed!). I have been reusing containers from foods we buy (when we buy processed food, that is), turning the inevitable plastic grocery bags (even though we have reusable ones, it happens!) into a shoe mat for winter (preventing the...
If my son is with me, I will stop and process what he is seeing. I will tell him that he should never let anyone hit him and that we would never hit him, either. I would ask him how it makes him feel- and tell him how I feel about it. If the other parent or kid overhears, all the better.  If it is extreme, I will intervene. If it is "regular spanking", there is not much I can do.
My son (who is NOT ready, he's 3!) is already being prepared for that day. I believe getting a child ready for adulthood is a lifelong process and getting him ready for sexuality and such means having him learn about bodies right now. He knows the names of all his external parts (the REAL names) and he also knows that he has "private parts" that are for him alone to enjoy and masturbation (a word he knows) is for when he's in private. We also talk to him about private...
My three year old is slow to learn as well. Some days, he's fantastic- telling us he needs to go (usually pee), even when we are out and about. Other days, he goes in his diaper and when we ask, "Why did you do that? Just tell us and we'll take you to the potty!" he replies, "Because I WANTED TO (go in my diaper)." Sigh. If he is pantsless, he will go in the potty. But if he is wearing a diaper, chances are he will forget, choose to go in them, or something. We...
So Rowan had uncut long hair til after his 3rd birthday:         After we cut it, he still wanted to feel like it was long (we cut it because he hated having it brushed, but waited for him to agree, because it is HIS body)- so it is short on the sides and back and long and floppy on top. He likes it in his face (and he's not even a teenager yet! LOL).         He likes his haircut and likes that brushing is no longer heinous!
My 3 year old watches TV several days a week for a few hours at a time. Our TV is a streaming TV- no commercials on his programming at all. And I limit what he is allwed to watch. PBS Kids, PBS and Nick Jr. shows on Netflix. I do NOT allow my son to see Disney ANYTHING, as the gender and race crap is AWFUL. Horrible indoctrination there that I would rather he not get.
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