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We used a Chicco Surefit 30, which had an infant insert. It worked really well. Still does- although he will outgrow it soon.
My son is almost a year old and 25 lbs. His car seat is RF and goes to 30 lbs. (Chicco Surefit 30)   1. Do you think he'll gain that 5 pounds in the next 6 months and need a new seat? It seems like they don't gain as much weight in that second year (compared to the first) and most is inches and brain development. Trying to get all the staples we will need this year while I have student loan money...   2. Any recommendations for a good safe car seat that we should...
Welcome Nanna70. Your big heart is welcome here!
  Oh my hell, that's funny!   Happy birthday to all the January babes and Birthing Day to all the January mamas.   For our first birthday, we are doing a combo birthday party with Rowan's best friend Esme, who is a week younger than he is (we met his moms in our birthing class!). Our theme is Hot Air Balloons. Rowan LOVES balloons, so I think it will be a hit.
Am joining in way late! LOL   Rowan will be a year at the end of the month, and this has been the most awesome experience of my life, having a baby. He rocks my world, y'all. He is so smart now, has started to walk, says a few words and ask me what the names for things are (by pointing at something and saying, "eh?"! I repeat it over and over for him, and I can tell those little wheels are turning!   I started a blog for him (so his internet un-savvy grandparents can get...
I finally replaced the half broken lamp with a lamp that is more baby-proof (My son pulled it down and broke 2 of 3 lamps on it and that's dangerous. So we braved Ikea today and figured out a best solution: a lamp that hangs from the ceiling, with the cord running down the wall and under the sofa.)! It is hung up and I am "working" by that new light. The old lamp is now near the back door to take out. Woot!   After he broke the lamp, we were blocking off access...
Maybe I read the thread wrong, but what I understood was the dad was tattooer. He is learning and the son asked him for one. There was no shop involved as far I know.
My 11 month old is non-vaxxed. He is very healthy and has only been sick with a head cold once- I take that as part of building his immunity. He handled it like a champ.
 If the only con to it is spending more on gas, do the 7-11! It sounds like it works best for your family.
There are many kinds of roe, because there are many kinds of fish. If you have an Asian market near you, that's probably the cheapest place to get all kins of roe. I love salmon as well as tobiko (flying fish), and shad. All kinds really. Some roe is squishy, others firm. Many are salty, some are sweet.   Caviar is sturgeon roe from a specific place- the Caspian and Black seas (in Russia), and very expensive.
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