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Yes, this. Illegal? Who cares. Dangerous, reckless, and/or abusive and horrible? That I would call CPS for. This is a grey area.   I would not wish the system on any child- what happens in the majority of foster care homes is far worse. Calling CPS for this may be worse for the child, and that is what I presume we care about. I guess it depends on what sort of parents they are otherwise. Is this systemic of recklessness and endangerment that happens to the child...
I had a complete anterior previa at 19 weeks. The way it was implanted, the doctors did not give me much hope. I don't know what your belief system is, but I did alternative treatments and had my religious community pray and do magick for me. I was told to prepare for a C section, and I really wanted a VBAC.   Guess what? It completely rectified itself. I delivered vaginally. I found emotionally for me, I need to plan for plan A (vaginal birth, what I was shooting...
Here in CA, there is a program called CALWorks (used be called TANF) that helps families with kids with cash assistance. You can only get it for 18 months, but you use the same card for foodstamps and you can pay for things like a debit card or withdraw cash. I also heard that they help pay for childcare when you go to school and such. are there programs like that in NH?
I was a girl that discovered my genitalia pretty early on and had my own word for masturbation. It could be your daughter has the same thing going on. "tickle pictures" = masturbation.
I will add that to my list, thanks!   Wow, you ARE a frugal mama! I envy your ability and aspirations.
Woot! Still working on my felt emboidered birthday banner for my son, but i got a huge project tackled: going through the pre-pregnancy clothes, deciding what to keep (to hopefully fit into after some working out), what to donate, what to use for craft projects. All put away!   I also went to the Y and got reduced fee applications, which was on my list of things to do.   I also took the vacuum in for repair (but now the house is dirty, blerg!)   3/52 complete!
As someone who struggles to balance life and work yourself, I think it would make the most sense to work it out with someone struggling to do the same.   Only pay her for the hours she actually works- start doing that by having a conversation with her about all this. Tell her what your issues are and that she is only going to be paid for what she actually does. And then tell her that the chronic lateness and absences must stop. Then you can institute a warning system...
Sweet! Now I have lots to add and keep track of!
Sorry you are in pain. Is it possible (I am just speculating here, since I do not know you or your family and how your relationship is) that avoided telling you because they know this could be hurtful? Not saying it was the best way to do it (as you were gonna find out sooner or later anyway) but maybe they just were trying to avoid a hurtful sitation? I dunno. I'm sorry.
Not all salons are like that. Many are very upfront about exactly what costs you will incur. You just need to know exactly what you want going in.
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