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ugh. i am sooo tired. i am still working PT and it is exhausting. recently got into a fight with my partner about how i am not doing enough around the house. he just doesn't get it, even though i nap whenever possible and collapse shortly after dinner... he means well, he just does not understand!
wonderful! :
ooh, how exciting! congrats!
condolences on the loss and congrats on the strength of the other! such a yoyo for you!
thank you for this post. i am eagerly waiting some external validation and ordered a doppler off of ebay. i am less along than you are in gestation, and i thought that i read on the board that you could hear the HB as early as 6 weeks. i am reassured to hear that some don't hear it til later (in case i don't hear one when the machine comes!). i am very happy for your ultrasound news. congrats!
ugh. i dunno if i will feel safe until the baby is born! i'm trying not to be super paranoid, but i always check for blood when i wipe. i have not yet been to a doctor to hear a heartbeat, and that would be reassuring. i recently bought a doppler from ebay and am waiting for that to arrive. you can bet i am ripping it out of its package and trying as soon as it comes! since this deeply wanted pregnancy thing is new to me (#1 was given up for adoption as a teen), i am...
welcome welcome! the world needs more involved dads, so i think it is awesome that you are here. i am hoping that my male partner may jump here on sometime as well, when he gets free time to be on the boards. he works away from a computer most days!
that does seem like a lot to me as well, and does not match the stats that i have been reading in ina may gaskin's book on childbirth. i suppose it depends on your area and the birthing centers there. any center would have stats recorded like that. i would meet with a few, if you have that option and ask.
i think many people are too "supplement happy", and the supplements that have the word "prenatal" on them are twice as expensive! i take red raspberry leaf and nettles tea daily, and take a whole food multivitamin. it gains its power from whole food sources of many types. they are much more absorbable than synthetics. many times, those things are pooped out whole! this way, the body recognizes the stuff as food! the only issue with whole food vitamins is you must...
New Posts  All Forums: