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yep. same here. i can't sleep past 4:30ish, because my body won't let me sleep while my bladder is that full (i never had probs sleeping through til i preggers). then i had a hard time getting back to sleep. at first, i told my partner it was his snoring that kept me awake afterwards. so he is sleeping in another room now. but here i am, alone in bed, in the dark at 5:30. so i got online and checked the mothering boards! lol! so i dunno why, but we are in the same boat!
my partner has started sleeping in another room, to allow me to get some much needed rest. he has taken the futon in the spare room because he snores. i find it impossible to get back to sleep after getting up to pee several times a night with his snoring, so he now sleeps in the other room and we both sleep great! while he finds all my cravings and mood swings "cute" and chuckles about them (which infuriates me), he means well and is being supportive.
thank goodness that i'm not the only one. i was bigger to begin with, but last year had gotten a lot fitter and starting wearing "hotter" clothes, showing it off. now i feel big and dumpy again, even though i'm thrilled at the reason why. it's too early for maternity pants, but i'm gonna need some soon!
i have found that if my blood sugar crashes, look out! and it crashes fast, too. i go from, "hmmm... i'm hungry" to raging psychopath pretty quickly.
well, i have had dreams where i met a daughter and she spoke to me that she was coming before i got preggers. so i am hoping that this pregnancy is her. a daughter. if i end up having a boy, that would be great, but i would be very confused!
have you thought of joining caretaker.org? it is a newsletter that publishes positions every week for people who live in rent-free caretaker positions. since you have experience, perhaps you and DH could do that! perhaps there is one in your area? it's only $30 per year to join, and you get updates every week!
this morning, i am craving buffalo wings. sigh.
sounds like a lovely idea. count me in! i joined the group and am pending approval.
while i am no longer a vegetarian or vegan (so take this with a grain of salt if you will), i personally would listen to the cravings your body has. i think in this culture we do not vale the messages from our bodies near enough! and mams out there eating fake vegetarian meat (TVP), stop! the chemicals used to render TVP are nasty!
i am drinking a small cup of RRL and nettles in combo daily with breakfast. as i advance into my second and third trimesters, i will be increasing what i drink, making a cold tea fro the fridge. and i will have a super strong tea ready for the time i go to the birthing center. i use RRL to tonify my uterus, and nettles for nutrition.
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