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ugh, so very tired. i worked an 8.5 hour shift doing high volume retail today and am pooped. taking naps when i can, and only working PT...
i am joining your club, so you are def. not alone. i fear this too- as i am 39 and this baby is soooo wanted. so i am paranoid. every crampy symptom, every wetness in the panties sends me to the bathroom!
i also voted for Ivy. i love old fashioned names (our girl name is Acacia Prudence and our boy's is Rowan Sebastian), and especially botanical names. i also liked Lira.
i think she could go either way, and agree that babies grow into their names. i like both names, but since she is already named juniper, i would stick with that.
kristin, i am glad things are getting back on track. (((hugs))) to you.
Quote: Originally Posted by PaulaJoAnne I have a history of mc, but this time, everything is going better. So. Can any of you ladies advise me as to taking the tea? Should I hold off till the 2nd trimester, just to be safe? Oh, and I have never used it before, if that helps. Paula i would start sooner. i am studying to be an herbalist, and RRL helps prevent MC, acts as a uterine tonic, and eases labor. i would pick up the book herbs for the...
I'm Lillitu, or Lilli for short. I'm 39, expecting #2 (#1 was given up for adoption in my teens. She was an induced labor with subsequent c-section when my labor did not advance on the dr.'s schedule.). things are gonna be different this time- getting a midwife, birthing center that does VBACs, planning on nursing, babywearing, and getting a co-sleeper. this baby is planned for and wanted. my BD lives with me and is an excited as me. we are due Jan 22.
ok- clue me in! what is hypnobabies- a book, a class? where do i find it?
hello everyone- i just joined this thread. i am 39, just got a BFP which makes me 4ish weeks pregnant (s/he was conceived May 1st). so excited for this baby. when i was 18, i was pregnant for the first time and i had a horrible experience. i decided to give the child up for adoption-but was not educated about any choices and my doctor scheduled an induction and subsequent c-section when my labor did not progress on his schedule. this time, i am determined for it to...
so glad to have found this thread! i have suspected that i was pegnant for a week now, but today got my BFP, making 4-5 weeks pregnant. i went out to my local herb store (if you are in the Bay area of CA- check out Scarlet Sage in SF, thay are fantastic!) and bought bulk RRL. started drinking the tea yesterday. i am gonna get some nettles too, as my seasonal allergies are acting up and that would add nutrition AND bring relief! plan on doing the regimen as described in...
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