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OK- did my taxes and FAFSA, and have a couple more letters on the felt banner for my son's birthday. Steady progress on that one!   Am adding to the list: get new glasses (a huge bureaucratic nightmare, as I am on medi-cal), freecyle old unwanted books and outgrown baby things, organize file cabinets, and 10 blog posts into my queues.   7/52 done!
Thanks everyone! This is all great info.   Good to know.   Also good to know. I will look into a Scenera. 1. He has room at the top, maybe three inches? 2. Yes, I think extended rearfacing, even though I know he'd be happier if he could see us. We compromise by having one of us in the back with him when we can. 3. Blerg- you would think that this would be a huge liability issue for them, and that they would be meticulous! This is litigation waiting to happen! So, can I...
SRSLY. I know what you mean. I hate that!   My son seems to be one of those babies that gets super fussy and cry-y before finally settling down to sleep. Maybe yours is one, to. We do not do the whole CIO thing either- we always comfort and never leave a crying baby alone. That still does not stop him from still doing it, even though we are right there, next to him, trying to soothe him to sleep.
Oh my hell, all of these are so heartwarming and adorable. I cannot wait til my son can talk like this.
When he was little, he was called "Mister Baby" more than his name. We now call him Boopy, Mister Boop, Booper, the Boop, and other variants of that. I also call him "Sugar Booger", "Sweetie Petite-y", and other nonsense.
Eat it, mama. I am a firm believer that our bodies should be listened to.
Nothing to offer, but I have the same situation, so I am subbing to see what your answers are!
No advice from me, but I think your son is lucky to have such a great advantage. I wouldn't worry too much, when I studied developmental neurolinguistics, all of the stuff you describe were considered normal.
Have you read the older ones? The Bean Trees and that series. I love those. I would also check out Amiee Bender and Charles de Lint if you like her.
30 minutes seems like par for the course around here. I lay down next to him, whisper to him stroke his hair, feed him. Sometimes I sing. After he falls asleep, I leave. He wakes around midnight then again around 4-6. ONly for a few minutes. If he gets milk, he falls right back to sleep. (Yay for co-sleeping!) At 11 months, he doesn't yet STTN.
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