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Is it windy outside? Soemtimes this has made our hood vent over our range whistle and rattle.
Thankfully mine was jsut the keyboard, but let me just tell you that keyboards do NOT like margaritas. Sigh.
I am so, so sorry! I hope that all of the thoughts and prayers for you and your family can give you the strength to get through the difficult weeks ahead.
With my first it was 5 months (I got pregnant the next month). With the next I was tandem nursing and got 7 months. This time, only nursing one, it was 8 months.
I am so sorry for your loss
Thanks for passing this on! Two of my three seats are affected!! I have two kits on order now.
Well, I graduated from college in 1999 with a degree in Home Economics (or Family and Consumer Sciences, as it's called now). I always wanted to be a teacher from teh time I was too little to even be in school. By the time I got to college and I had to declare a major I was looking at the mess in schools and unsure that I really wanted to teach. Sooooo, I considered Library Sciences, which required a Bachelors and a teaching degree to enter. I decided to go for my...
I think that once someone no-shows you your obligation to them is gone. If she had contacted you last evening and said she was unable to make it and arranged an alternate pickup I would give them to the freecycle, but no-shows.... I have no patience for that anymore.
Burned and scattered, baby. After my organs are donated, of course!
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