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I'm thinking of starting a detox program on myself. Can anyone recommend a book or some information on a good, safe detox program?
I want to go on vacation this summer (or at least a weekend getaway). (It's been 8 yrs since my last vacation). I've been searching the internet and frankly I am APPALLED at the high rates for lodging. Can anyone please suggest a vacation that's economical?I've been looking into timeshares but I have no experience with and not much knowlege about them. Can anyone advise me about timeshares? Please give me some good family vacation ideas in the northeast--like around NJ,...
I'm technically challenged but I want an MP3 Player to take to the gym and I want a new stereo system to have at home with a radio. Does anyone know anything about these things--what's the best brand for the price? I don't know anything about it--and the salesmen at the electronics stores don't seem to want to waste their time educating me...
What's a sand table?
I just went to TJ Maxx and bought over $80 worth of Melissa & Doug wooden stuff. I checked out the websites (I couldn't access magiccabin, though) and I'm tempted to buy some of their stuff but I don't know--how much do you think is reasonable to spend on one kid?
Gitti--thanks for the links. I won't be making my own deoderant but may try the crystal stuff --I was glad to see it contains no aluminum. I almost bought something similar at a health food store once but was dismayed that it contained aluminum.
Time is ticking and I have not started my Xmas shopping yet! I need some suggestions on what to buy and where to buy it. Last yr I bought a bunch of plastic toys on etoys.com but I don't want anymore plastic. Where can I buy some good gifts for my 5 yr old son? What are you getting for your kids?
When I lived in CT yrs ago I missed NJ terribly. Whenever I saw a NJ license plate I would get excited and happy and wistful. Whenever I visited NJ then, the sight of all those NJ license plates made me overjoyed. I missed the ubiquitous malls, the meccas of culture within a few minutes' drive to NYC or Phila. In CT they called them "grinders", here they call them "Subs", in PA they call them "hoagies". I absolutely LOVE the cultural diversity of NJ and especially the...
I think alcohol would sting like crazy after shaving the underarms (which I do occasionally). I'd like to try the natural deoderant with tea tree oil (which kills the bacteria that cause odors), however I bought a whole case of the aluminum antipersperant at Costco and don't want to waste it. Since I've been using it I've been getting headaches (I NEVER used to get headaches before). I'm not sure if that's the true cause but I sure am suspicious. In Europe and probably...
I'm not sure if this post belongs in this dept. but I have concerns regarding what kind of deoderant/antipersperant to use. I used to use Toms of Maine natural deoderant which truly didn't work--I smelled . Now I use mainstream antipersperant (Dove) which works fine but I'm concerned about the aluminum causing Alzheimers and how potentially unhealthy it may be to stop perspiration Is. Is there a harmless deoderant that actually WORKS?
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