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A major issue for me is class divisiveness. Classism isn't talked about much but it is so very clear to me in my interactions with people. Even within my own family, the doctors and business owners, the ones with money, don't call me, don't invite me over, & have little to nothing to do with me. Its hurts like hell. It makes me feel diminished, unworthy, and very angry to be excluded just because I'm perceived to be of a lesser class than they. But I'm actually a very...
My inlaws hate me too. My SIL doesn't speak to me at all, doesn't even acknowlege my presence. I sat next to her in a restaurant for a family party and she didn't say 1 word to me the whole time. She encourages my husband to divorce me. And we are now actually in the process of getting divorced. One of his biggest reasons: because I don't get along with his family. Certainly, I've never done anything so terrible to either him or his family. I think they started disliking...
Gaiamom--you don't have to summarize 4 Agreements.I got it out of the library the other day and have started reading it myself. And I'll try to get that movie too. (you guys are so inspiring!)
Sistermama--When is the Aries New Moon this year exactly?
Thank you Mamas, for participating. Now, what actions are you taking to further your goals? The actions I'm taking for Goal # 1.Lose 55 lbs: I'm on a diet. I'm eating a lot more salads and vegetables and drastically cutting back on sugar. And I've eliminated my night-time sugar binging. I haven't weighed myself (it's only been a few days), but already I feel just a little bit lighter. 2. Have more money in my life: I've peeked at the classifieds and Monster.com for sales...
kefir is like liquid yogurt you can drink. Here's what I'd like to know: why does Fuhrman forbid eating dry fruit? Because I dislike fruit so much, it would be more palatable if it was dry fruit. I can't imagine it would be any more calories than fresh fruit. Is it too much concentration of fruit sugar or what? Does anybody understand the reasoning behind this?
Perhaps it's true that thoughts create your reality. But I can't seem to control my thoughts, therefore I don't feel I'm in control of my reality. I'm sure that if I could eliminate my negative thoughts, my reality would be alot better , but as hard as I try, those negative thoughts keep sneaking back, thus spoiling my reality. Please tell me how I can control my thoughts!
I used to feel so extremely lonely and isolated raising my kids. I tried to join playgroups. The women at my local LLL were disgustingly snobbish. Other free playgroups disbanded soon after starting. We had very little money then and I didn't want to pay to join Moms Clubs. I tried to start a playgroup of my own but was too embarrassed to have people come to my house because I lived in a rundown handyman special. I was desperate to find a job. And so I did. I now work...
I say take his sorry ass to court. Would small claims be appropriate for this?
How do I change my email address on the board so that I may be alerted to responses to my posts?
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