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I've filled my quota for work as of yesterday and today is a day off. It'll be about 60 degrees today so I'll be outdoors with the kiddies.
This move: "What the Bleep Do We Know" (that's what it's called?). Is it on DVD? I never heard of it but I want to go out and get it. I never read 4 Agreements. Would anyone be kind enough to paraphrase it? I totally agree that we create our own reality.
I would be fine with ultrasound. I think I will talk to a doctor about this option . Thank you.
Hyperthyroidism (or Graves Disease) is something you can detect through a blood test. If it is HYPERthyroidism (overactive thyroid), he would be quite the opposite of fatiqued. He'd be nervous and anxious all the time, and yes, he would probably be losing weight (and having frequent diarrhea). Sometimes the eyes bulge out. He should go to a Medical Doctor and get a blood test for it. Fatigue is usually a symptom of HYPOthyroidism (underactive thyroid ), as is weight gain...
A long time ago I joined a Goal-Setting Support Group which was amazingly transormative for me and changed my life. Because of that group, I lost a lot of weight, quit smoking, and finished college. Unfortunately, that group disbanded and I found no other such group. It has always been my dream to start such a group. It's best to have a group like that where people actually meet in person(but I'm too shy to start one), and an electronic goal setting support group is...
I too had an Easter cheat day--but a restrained one. I did have a big salad first, then the forbidden foods. I even had chocolate (but only 2 peices instead of at least half the box like I normally would). I find that I'm eating less nowadays--less bad stuff and more of the healthy stuff, and I'm not pigging out late at night like before. Tonight I found cookies and it took alot for me not to tear open the bag and indulge. My husband just HAS to have this junk around to...
Wow, yeah, I certainly don't want to mess him up emotionally, psychologically, and even physically, through my fury. Yes, he has been through alot of hell in the past couple yrs (a special needs sister being born, moving away from home, being apart from his parents for months at a time, an impending divorce). You're right, Charmarty. This probably is part of it. I'm going to ease up on my poor little son. Today he went to the potty (even pooped) all by himself--without...
Oh, thank you ladies! I'm so relieved to read that cancer doesn't cause nipple secretion. I wish there was a way to check for breast cancer besides damaging radiation, though.
Thanks for the suggestion, Finch. That's a really good idea to give her Probiotics. She's also throwing up alot which I don't know if there's a cure for.
Seems clear, not milky. And yes, I am worried about breast cancer but I'm afraid of getting a mammogram because I'm afraid the radiation might GIVE me breast cancer. There aren't any lumps that I can detect, but I think about it all the time. Maybe I'm just a hypcondriac.
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