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Dream house... your own wing...great neigborhood... great guy? I'd move into Jeremy's house. Since you'll be paying rent, you'll still be able to maintain your automony. It's not like you'll be a "kept woman", right? Heck, if the place is still available, I'LL move there!
Forgive me if this sounds esoteric but I believe children are born into situations that is best for their soul-development. Secondly, even though you forfeited child support (under durress), I think you are still entitled to it and should probably seek it--having extra money doesn't hurt. I think eventually the anger will go away. You 'll probably meet someone much better who will be a good father to your son and you'll live happily ever after.
I'm in central Jersey (between Princeton and New Brunswick). I posted something on the Finding Your Tribe forum. I also joined a moms' club and will probably join 2 more moms' clubs. But none of these women are single moms and they don't do anything on the weekends.
Wow, you have really inspired me. I'm sure we have that book somewhere around here--we were into Dr. Fuhrman a while ago (he used my son's pediatrition till he moved his practice farther). He has these great parties at his house in the summer for people who follow his program. You should go. I know a woman who lost alot of weight on his diet and amazingly kept it off . I'm a little worried though that it would be too hard for me. I hate fruit like some people hate...
It would be so wonderful if I could get together with other single parents locally to do things with the kiddies. It's so damn lonely not having anyone to do things & go places with. I'm not divorced or even separated yet, though I'm in the process of divorce. My husband won't do anything with us as a family. I tried to join Parents Without Partners but they rejected me because I was still living with my husband. All of the mothers I know are (happily)married and they go...
Thank you L.J for sharing your story. Having a sick child wreaks havoc on a marriage. You're an inspiration for having overcome all that you had to deal with. LJ--Yes, he loves her very much. She's the center of his focus, much more than our son. But he needs a little improvement in ordering medical supplies in a more timely fashion.
I had been married for 5 miserable yrs to a man I never loved and who never loved me. I have endured this joyless existence for the sake of our young son. But things between us have become so unbearably bad, that I am now searching for a divorce lawyer. We live like roomates who barely tolerate eachother. We were separated in the past for over a yr because he was renovating our house and had made it unfit for human habitation, so I had to take my toddler and 3-week old,...
She does have a nurse a couple times a week. And we're just getting over about a month of vomitting several timesa day, so I feel your pain. It's so unfair what these children put us through.
I heard that there is a high divorce rate among couples with a special needs kid and my marriage seems to be bearing that out. True, it's always been a difficult marriage, but the stress of having to care for our severely disabled daughter has brought it to breaking point. We went to see a divorce mediator today. Seems we're getting a divorce. And I'm handing complete custody of her over to my husband. I don't want to take care of her anymore. The other night's zillionth...
My daughter, Phoebe is 2 yrs and 4 months with Trisomy 13, a relatively rare chromosome defect. She was born with congenital heart defects which were repaired with open heart surgery. Because she aspirates, she is not fed by mouth but through gastronomy tube. She is profoundly retarded and is not expected to ever walk or talk, although she is definitely not a vegetable.
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