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thanks for all the great feedback, i will do some looking around and see what i can put together. i love the idea of using resources from all over the web and using something like learning.com to make up assignments and tracking. i didn't even know that such a thing existed. i just finished reading 'the spark' and it has me thinking that i could be doing a lot more to encourage my son's strong areas. his last edu-psych indicated that he is bored in some areas. He can...
please pm me as well
Just looking for something that my 12 yr old aspie can do next year that will cover the basics (and more!). Hopefully something interesting, non-repetitive, with a good audio-visual component. He's been using time4learning over the past year, but is getting bored with it (says it's derpy, lol). I might just get him to try a couple of grades higher, but i'm not sure. He is 2E but does well with anything on the computer, so websites, cd-roms, etc are great. He has math...
i cant believe that there are only 2 threads in tao that are active today. is everybody on facebook? which fb groups did everyone migrate to? pm me if we're not supposed to put the links on the boards. where are all my crunchy online mamas?
if pregnancy was easier, i'd want more.  i'm prone to hyperemesis and it was so much better this time with lc'ing, etc but still not easy.  
read somewhere that really big hairloss after having a baby can be linked to thyroid problems.  couldnt hurt to get levels checked, especially if you have other sympyoms   we tried foods but my lo got a horrible diaper rash, so we're holding off a while longer.  my son has sooo many food intolerances, i don't want to take any chances with the baby :)
flavorful ~~have u tried probiotics? [very preliminary research involving exclusively breastfed infants published last February in Pediatrics found that while anti-gas drops are ineffective, Lactobacillus reuteri, a health-promoting bacterium available as a supplement, reduced crying in 95 percent of infants, though scientists can't explain the connection. Ask your pediatrician for advice. [/QUOTE] http://www.fitpregnancy.com/motherhood/fatherhood/5-truths-about-colic
prepreg wt:174 highest preg wt:217 wt at a week and a half:200 i cant imagine restricting calories right now. i'm hungry all the time and concentrating on eating abundant protein, good fats, veg's and fruits (and chocolate!!!) as my body heals. i had a really big tear that is slow to heal so i havent even been walking very much. i had thought that i'd bedoing a lot more by now but am working at accepting that my body needs more rest right now.
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