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Thank you.....I'll check it out.
I'm hoping for some Gentle Discipline book recommendations to help me figure out a better way to deal with my 5.5 year old.......obviously what I'm doing (flying by the seat of my pants) is not working. I know I need to take a new approach with her. She's always been a bit high strung and deals with anxiety.......her Dad recently left us and she's going through such a hard time. Thanks in advance!
Well, the point is moot, but I would have gone...........we had a coming home party for my brother when DD was 5 days old. We were there and I let people hold her. At 2.5 weeks we were camping with family (with all meals and accomodation provided.......I just sat in my chair and nursed)........and I let them hold her then too.
Hey Mama........I'm dealing with something simillar. I got my AF back when DD was 3 months old and ever since it's been back it's been heavier and I turn into a raging lunatic for a few days before/during my period. I become so irritable and grouchy. My doctor said I have PMDD but it's complicated because I am also dealing with PTSD so I am on medication for that. I don't have any advice but just wanted to let you know that I know exactly what you mean. I know some...
I haven't been here in ages. Congrats to everyone who is expecting again.   Terri.....sorry to hear about you and your SO.......Fritz is absolutely adorable.   ex-pat......did he end up wearing the costume for you?      
Could you look into cloth? Might give you some more options. I wouldn't push the potty until she's showing sighs of being ready.
Congratulations!!!     I really have baby fever but I don't think we'll be having anymore babies, it's just too hard on my body with the all-day, whole-pregnancy sickness and PPD. It makes me sad, I've been looking back on old newborn/baby pictures and feeling emotional. I am however, pretty happy with where we are. My girls are starting to play together and fight with one another, of course. Ainsley is an amazing little toddler. She's already started with throwing...
  We've just been transitioning over the last few weeks, I started mixing formula with cow's milk and we just finished our last container of formula this morning so she'll be on straight cow's milk. Three 6oz bottles a day and solids with sippy of water in between. She's a pretty good eater so I'm fine with doing cow's milk........if she wasn't I might stick with formula for awhile longer.
MJB, your little Edie is such a sweet heart! and now I want cake :)
I'm in the same boat............but I'm not rushing getting rid of the bottle.......not even worried about it yet. I weaned at 9 months (suppy issues) and Ainsley gets 3 bottles a day as well, morning, before afternoon nap and before bed. In between she does solids, snacks and a sippy of water. She's not overly keen on the sippy of water, she'll drink a bit but spits a lot out too so at this point she actually needs the bottle to get enough fluids. She absolutely LOVES...
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