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I like HeadSprout and DD is using it. I found a 25% off code not too long ago and used that. We did a 2 week trial of ReadingEggs and it was glitchy and stopped working. ETA that DD is indeed reading now and is not even to lesson 20 yet.
Yes. Several people. Armed robbery to triple homicide and many things in between. I moved away and changed my name so that my children don't have to deal with any of that train wreck. Plus, I like starting over.
My DS is 4.5 and has done this a long time. We also do Miralax off and on. What I've started doing is put him on the toilet at night when he's been asleep for a couple of hours. I can usually just tell him to go poop at that point and he will and then I put him right back into his bed. I figure if he's not ready, all the bribing and pleading and pushing in the world will not help. This way, I know he's pooping and he doesn't have to freak out about it. FWIW, my mom...
One couple from our h.s. class ended up married after they had one child. Now they have 3 kids and he wandered off last winter because he was done being married. My brother is also married to his h.s. sweetheart and she has been having an affair. Sometimes I think people need to date around more so that they realize what a good thing they have.
Wow, so our quarterly "surprise" inspections aren't as bad as having someone just pop into our home unannounced on a weekly basis. Yikes. Honestly, if our landlords came into my space when we weren't home or hung out in the front yard daily, I'd be livid (and very very very stressed out). Thankfully, I'm much more motivated to succeed in business (down payment on a new house here we come).
We are homeowners, but we moved across the country. Our house is being rented out and we are also having to rent from someone else. The agency we have been dealing with appears to know next to nothing about customer service. It's awful. They treated us like hooligans from the moment we moved in (we were told they "come in strong" to intimidate their renters and keep them in line ). They claim much of their clientele is from the rougher neighborhoods on the other side of...
The "date with Ryan" one was funny. In the beginning, he's making toys for unprivileged children and has a checklist of cats needing homes. They are totally tongue in cheek yet uncomfortable to watch. So cheesy. It's too much how they all need to take off their shirt immediately. REALLy weird that they want to talk about hating moisture. It's all weird.
I had an idea and I plan to implement it. If I give myself x amount of time once a week to surf or check certain blogs or whatever, at least I'm not feeling totally "deprived" of all that is fun on the internet. Kind of like someone having a cheat day on a diet. If I know I have two hours of uninterrupted guilt-free surfing coming up, I can put the thought aside until it's time (or make a note or whatever). I have a lot of goals that I'm working toward and none of them...
Well, I completely suck at doing no internet. However, tomorrow is another day. I have a TON of things that need doing that do not include using the computer. I will do everything in my power to focus on them. I just had a discussion with a few women in my business group about how no one reads craft blogs anymore because they can use that time to actually (wait for it) make their OWN crafts. Profound. If I could tear myself away after just one blog, I'd do it, but...
I want to join, but most of my connecting with other adults is done online. I do know life would be so much better if I just stepped away from the computer. I'm in. I just need to think of my personal perimeters (I have an online business).
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