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Hi There, I'm looking to start or to join a playgroup in SE Wi. We are located between Lake Geneva and Kenosha just off Hwy 50. I've found that the older I get (I'm 33 now), I have less patience for moms who do nothing but make you feel like your child is less than theirs, judge everyone by what they do (especially their parenting styles), and don't make an effort to get to know one another! I'd like to find some like-minded moms who are honest, caring, open-minded,...
I love it!!!!! What size beds to you have together there? We currently co-sleep with our 2 year old and are expecting another one next month. I'm worried we won't have enough room, so have been looking into some options. Yours looks great!! Isn't everyone sleeping together the best?? Dawn
I'm going through Aurora Lakeland and have been seeing Dr. Kate Harrod. She is a CNM and AWESOME!! Cannot say enough good things about her. Lakeland is very low tech so your chances of having a very natural birth there would be excellent!!!!
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