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It is really hard not to respond to a stupid comment, but I think that you should have. It probably was a joke, a bad one and better left alone. I'm sure that by calling her out you did nothing but embarrass her and if your intentions were to educate, you didn't. People don't learn well when they are put on the defensive. Or maybe she is just one of those people that like to make provocative statements. I know how hard it is to ignore that stuff. My stepfather is always...
Quote: Originally Posted by bobandjess99 for Fathers day, IMO, the gift is coming from the KIDS...so of course it makes perfect sense the exwife will buy the gift, if the kids are too little to get one..even once they are older, the exwife will be paying, even if the kids pick out the gift. Seems perfectly reasonable to me. : My DH's ex was always took care of the Father's Day stuff and since they were her kids, that just seemed right to me....
It's common, and healthy.
Weird and tacky.
Guilt is a normal part of grief. I know that doesn't make it any easier right now, but someday this guilt will fade and you will be left with happier memories. If your grandma knew how you felt about her, then that's all that matters, not a letter that she might or might not have been able to read. Let your mom take care of you now, she needs to. And take care of yourself and your baby. Your grandma is at peace now, and she would want you to be at peace, too.
Unless it's very early or nearing sunset, we do. I burn easily and DD is just as fair as I am, so I am assuming that she will, too.
Too stinkin' cute!
I probably would have given her the brownie, but I do understand your reasoning. Either way, I think that you handled it well and the issue of the brownie is a small issue. Even if you made a mistake there, by your own standards, it sounds as if you probably have an established pattern of handling discipline issues very gently and it's that pattern that makes an impression on a child, not one small isolated mistake, IMO. I wouldn't stew about it.
New Posts  All Forums: