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I just stumbled upon this thread after months of not being here. OMG!  Are you living my life??? My ex is trying to take yds because soon-to-be-husband moved in when my ods became violent.  ODS is now in a residential facility BUT there is no guarantee he won't be discharged at any time, so s-t-b-h has not moved out.  We are getting married January 15.  THANK GOODNESS due to conflicts my court date has been postponed twice and is now scheduled for January 31st.  And I...
Anyone dealt with guardianship issues? I always knew I would have to legally obtain guardianship but now that it is "in my face"...
Quote: Originally Posted by liberal_chick West LR is generally good. The Hillcrest and/or Heights areas are where I'd live if I had a budget that high (historic homes, kind of hippy area). ditto The area of the complex is good oh, and I have lived in West LR for 30 years and have been trying to get to Hillcrest for the last 25!
what did you do???
background: I have suffered from anxiety and then depression for 10 years. I have done well with a combination of Rx, support systems, prayer, faith and until last week was able to cope, deal, move on in a healthy manner. And I have been through a lot! I had a complete/total hysterectomy 2 1/2 years ago and have been taking estrogen since. in the last week I feel like I have been having one, long, continuous hot flash! I cry if you look at me -- no reason. I...
MY APOLOGIES!!! I meant that MY child support is always paid and my ex is far from financially struggling. Yet he doesn't feed them unless they are with him for more than just an afternoon/evening visit of <4 or 5 hours.
haven't read the entire thread exh can afford food, dining out, etc... child support is always paid but always late the law here: lack of child support does not equate to withholding visitation during evening visitation, there is no legal obligation to provide a meal SUCKS!
curious about what has happened...TOTALLY different digital issue here. My 14 yo lives with his dad. As soon as physical custody changed (he was 12) dad got him a cell phone. HUGE issues when he was here of a different sort. Dad also allows him to carry a pocket knife all the time -- another huge issue. I began meeting him at the door when his dad dropped him off and stated that if either the phone or knife became a problem while in my home and under my...
Nettletea I am going to PM you to! I will be "stay-cationing" in your area!
I'm not sure what the trigger is. I don't think it is carbon monoxide -- multiple detectors and no heat running yet. I am taking a multi B vitamin . . . maybe not enough B12 in it Vitamin D I need to add and iron
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