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I need to use more cloth in my life! great list!
I am looking for a pediatrician as well! I am in north wilmington. Any luck?
My little girl is now 16 mo old, we avoided the rice cereal completely and found a new dr.Still breastfeeding too
I wanted to add.... how big are your babies now? Olivia is just hitting 10lbs now at 3 months, but both my babies were small and she was a month early :)
He has beautiful eyes! Congrats mama!
Hi ladies! I have not been around here very much but I think about you guys a lot and wonder how you are doing :) Olivia  turned 3 months old today! And I have to tell you...this has been the most intense 3 months of my life. It has been one bombshell after another and sometimes I don't know I'm holding on sometimes. Just to summarize: Unexpected c-section a month early, death in the family, we both lost our jobs, our apartment got flooded during the hurricane, etc. etc....
these babies are too cute!!!     Olivia at a few days shy of 2 months old.  
Yes, it's my left side! I wonder if its because we have had more dificulty getting a good latch there. Now its SO much smaller than the right. Crazy.
Thanks for your help guys, the bleach worked on the smell! Rash is healing too, i hope this fixes it.
Hey Mama, been thinking about you- hope you got your home birth!
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