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I need someone with a newborn -to try my diaper cover on their dipes and baby and give me a review. Anyone willing to do it? If so visit my blog and post a comment under the free diaper cover post!     www.crunchycrafts.blogspot.com
my rabbit chewed up some of my lisk ACK! heres some of what ive done so far   1 polly pocket van 2 remote controls 2 transformers 1 buzz light year 1 gi joe 1 plastic egg 1 comb 1 hulk 2 glasses 1 purse 1 play fork 5 books 8 cloth diapers 1 activity mat 50 clothing items 2 plastic containers   =80 items
Ive started purging and made a goal 200 items im going to list everything once im done and that means EVERYTHING and post a picture!  Id loive it if others would join me!
im not much help - but i did want to say i hope you figure it out and get some rest!
i really hope i go into labor through the night- i really dont want to go in for my weekly ivig infusion it will be #19 ugh id rather be in the hospital with my baby not with the meds. Good luck overnight ladies!
Quote: Originally Posted by rere I've seen some where you paint the kid's hand and then they hold onto a ball ornament with that hand.I thought they came out cute and it seems pretty easy to do. that sounds cool! Ill look into that
sounds cool but ive never seen/heard about it
i had gbs with my 2 kids and am pregnant now and tested negative (!!!!) i was considering the hibiclens if i did have it
ive been having contractions today i get them everyday but they are a bit too regular this morning, i hope this baby waits till at least after trick or treating
Im not doing much this year - im currently 39 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child so Ill be busy BUT I will be doing a little bit-there are a ton of people in my family and my husbands so i think family gifts work best instead of individual people... not sure though however i do want to make handprint ornaments for the grandparents i was thinking of making all 3 kids and putting them on a little ribbon to string up on the tree, i dont know im just starting to ponder...
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