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I've heard the dairy theory too, but I didn't have a whole heck of a lot this pregnancy.  Not really that much with the first either, but definitely less this second time.
As rough as it was, I'm so happy to "meet" someone with a baby like mine! And you did it all your way, too. Way to go!
That's the only "tummy time" I do. My kids like to be upright as soon as possible so I've never had a need for structured tummy time.
Hi all!  I know I haven't been commenting but I try to read to keep caught up on everyone.  Congratulations to everyone who's had their babies and speedy labor vibes to everyone still waiting.    We've reached the point here where I can't really remember what it was like to not have Oskey.  I miss having a (semi) clean house, though.  He's a real tree frog and needs his mama, which I will oblige.  Makes it hard to keep up with the house though, particularly with a...
Considering it was planned out, it was kind of surreal all the same.  I spent the day clipping coupons and tidying the house and watching the Olympics.  It was very hard to leave Elsa, since I'd never been away from her overnight, and I did cry a little on the way.  It just didn't feel like I was going to have my baby - it felt like any other random thing we were going to do.  My doula met us there and we got up to L&D.  We had to wait awhile and I was really...
I think I got skipped.   Congrats to everyone!  So exciting we're finally seeing our babies!
Oscar Allen:  
Oscar Allen H.   7/31/12, 6:36 pm   13 lb 8 oz, 23 inches long (sound familiar???)   The surgery went very smoothly, but because it was so late in the day I was hungry and super tired.  If anyone else is in the position of scheduling, do everything you can to get it done early!  I was ok for awhile but had some pretty bad nausea all night and didn't sleep much.  Ozzy ended up being watched for some possible breathing issues but he seems to be fine now.  I...
If it were a back tooth I would have it extracted in a second.  But it's a front tooth, and removing it would then require a bridge which they won't be able to make me beforehand, and there's no way I'm going around without a front tooth.  I just don't have time to look at the whole thing in-depth this time around - my baby's coming tonight and this pain has to stop.  :(  My dentist and OB have been in close contact with each other and I trust them both.
Got my information and confirmation of the c-section tomorrow night at 6 pm.  So a little less than 24 hours from now I will have a baby.  It's so weird - I'm absolutely done being pregnant and I'm excited for that part to be over.  BUT I'm nervous about there actually being another baby.    In not so good news, the toothache I posted about earlier led to some bad news at the dentist.  I have to wait until morning and see if the pain has lessened.  If it has, we can...
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