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I'll have to try the clove oil.  I can't use ice because that will aggravate it.
Ok, I'm literally less than 48 hours from giving birth and suddenly I've developed a horrible toothache.  There's no way I'll be able to get into a dentist beforehand, everything is closed, and I don't see my doctor until 2 tomorrow.  Is there anything you guys know of I can do to alleviate it?  So far Tylenol keeps it at bay but I don't want to keep popping pills.
They didn't give me any abx last time, so I'm guessing they just put it in my IV while I'm there.  I don't think I'll be doing any kind of food, but I'll make sure I don't bother taking any pills while I'm hooked up.
I get to reveal my total lack of sophistication here, but I don't know what either of those things are!    So whatever I use, I should load up a few days before surgery, then continue in the days after?
I'm not vegan but I can't eat yogurt unfortunately.  It makes me nauseous. 
My doctor uses the dissolvable sutures already, which is nice.
Mine, too, Tizzy.  Though I don't have much appetite so maybe that's it.
And another question.  I assume because it's surgery there will be antibiotics involved.  I got lucky with my first and didn't have any yeast issues but I don't want to count on that this time.  I already take a 4 billion multidopholus pill - should I take something stronger?  Before surgery or after?
So, I haven't gotten my official preparation information from my doctor.  I assume we'll discuss all that on Monday, but I'm wondering about the fasting beforehand.  It appears to vary from place to place.  My surgery is scheduled for 6 pm, and while I don't love the idea of not eating for 8 hours prior, I can handle it.  But some places appear to have a "nothing by mouth for 8 hours" period.  I don't see that as an option.  It's hot and I'm 39 weeks pregnant!   I...
It's really funny.  When I thought the baby could come any moment, I was very Zen and at peace with everything.  Now that I know what day it will be (most likely anyway), I'm running around like crazy and feeling like there is so much to do.  And before, I was prepared to go the whole distance and was determined to keep my strength up, but now?  I'm so done and just want to lay around.   A friend of my in-laws from our church dropped off a chicken and rice casserole...
New Posts  All Forums: