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You know, I've been feeling stiffness in my fingers too.  I said the other day it felt like arthritis.  I wonder if it's just all that extra fluid, because they're not crazy swollen or anything.
I saw my primary at my appointment today.  She measured me at 41 cm which just confirms that everyone does it differently.  She said that's big but not freakishly so.  I have my ultrasound on Tuesday, and then I see her the next week, which is when we'll discuss my options.  Apparently she thinks that induction for a VBAC isn't as dangerous as they used to think, so long as your body is gearing up.  I didn't think it was an option for me, so at least I get another...
They've never given me a number.  They just feel around and say that he seems very big, and they are also going by my fundal measurement, which last time was 44 cm.  I have an ultrasound on Tuesday so we'll see what they say.  I won't schedule anything based on it, but it's information that I do want.
Usually it happens to me more in winter when it's really dry.  I used to panic and freak out when it happened but the last few years I've been able to calm myself down and remember that I'm still breathing, just keep doing it until I feel it take.
Last time I had a cheap nightie from Wal-mart (they had them up to like 5X so I knew they'd fit), that had buttons on the chest area.  I actually wore those as nighties the whole time I was breastfeeding at night.  I bought a couple more for this birth, because they won't wash them for me at the hospital.  For going home I have some stretchy yoga type pants, a sleep bra, and a t-shirt.  Just keeping it simple.
Yeah, being told "I'm glad you're all safe" didn't bother me because you can look at it like, surgery is risky and they're glad we came through with no physical complications.   Boots, I don't know if my first was actually for macro.  I believe it was the result of a number of things.  If I had to guess, I would say it's on my medical records as failure to progress, possibly cephalopelvic dysfunction.  Because it wasn't an emergency, the baby just wouldn't come.  But...
I sometimes get to where I will inhale and it feels like it doesn't "take," if that makes sense.  Like the air goes in but doesn't do anything.  But I know it is, because my blood pressure is excellent, and I never see stars or get dizzy or anything like that.  It's happened on and off through my whole life, so it's either part of me or all in my head or something.  It can be really scary though.
Luckily I didn't get too much of that afterward.  Most people said stuff like "I'm glad everyone is safe."  Which doesn't bother me as much, because we were.  It's not the same as saying the other thing, which basically sounds like you don't have a right to be sad about losing your birth dream.  I think most people who are close to me knew how much it meant and I feel like they did let me grieve, which helped a lot.   I worry a bit about what will happen if I end up...
Like bread dough.   I haven't found much that helps.  Staying hydrated, elevated, and keep moving when I am standing.  I try to get out into my little blow up pool when I can, or at least have a bath at the end of the day.  Seems to keep it reasonable but to a point I think we're out of luck.
Maybe it's wishful thinking on my part, but I'm really feeling like the baby is going to be early.  I never felt like this with Elsa.  But it could be just me wanting to be done because of being so hot and uncomfortable.  We'll see.   I definitely feel like I'm running in circles.  I finally got my bag packed to where I'm satisfied with it.  But there are so many other little things I want to get done that I don't know where to start.  Plus having the out of town...
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