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This dr is in Newark.   http://theagadacenter.com/meet-dr-seth-torregiani   Also, in the old thread Brandywine pediatrics was recommended.  There are a lot of drs in that practice though.  The one that is supposed to be the most understanding is not taking new patients.  I might go with a different one.  Anyone tried them?  I hate to drive an hour just to get another lecture.
Hi.  I'm from Bear.  We are looking for a pediatrician or family practitioner.  We have a religious exemption for vaccines.  Our current dr has suddenly become less tolerant of our beliefs.  Also, did anyone see in the news about a possible measles outbreak?
Hey there! We are getting our playgroups organized for the fall in our MOMS Club. If anyone wants to join, let me know. We have a lot of fun, and it would be great to have some friends from mothering to hang out with!
Try to catch the crackers, coffee, and other non-perishables on sale. Then get as much as you can eat before it expires. You can save a lot of money this way! You can possibly get ethically raised meat, but not necessarily organic for a lot cheaper if you look around.
One time I took him out b/c of past experience, I knew I had to. After I woke him up taking him out, the guard said, " you didn't have to take him out, you know."
This is how I do my to do list. I write out all the days of the week and leave some space under them. Then I put a few things under each day. I try to make sure that no one day has too much on it. I also have a section for next week which includes things that I would kind of like to do or that can definitely wait until next week. Sometimes something comes up, and I have to move something to another day and that is okay. If something is very important that is at...
I sympathize with you and have no financial advice. I would look to people in your church for prayer (since you mentioned working there I imagine that is an important outlet for you). Prayer works and I bet you will find some strength to get through this from them. I would bet the pastor would be willing to offer a listening ear. Are you doing the grocery game? That is the only thing I can think of financially. I want you to know that it is not hopeless! Do not...
allnatural mom, you might want to look into d-mannose as a preventative. I would get the prescription filled in case you get worse or your symptoms linger. You can just keep it for just in case...you don't have to take it if you are sure you are better after some time passes. I've had 2 UTIs this year. The earlier one I was able to kick back with natural methods and so was dh. This last one was awful. Maybe I have the flu also or it spread to my kidneys? I was...
We did the chore chart. I had another child and really felt like we had to do something about ds1 not going to bed on his own. It worked! At that age, when my kids napped, they stayed up til 10pm though. So it wasn't worth it most days. Good luck! Whatever you decide will be best. You know your children best!
Would you switch from a diaphragm to birth control pills if you had two UTIs in a year? I don't really trust charting 100%. I do chart, but use the diaphragm as a backup. What would do? When I used bc pills I did get a lot of yeast infections. So I'm not sure which is better. Advice?
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