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I had no plans to do anything this weekend, and I actually got a lot done plus relaxed! I looked at the calendar for next week, and I have so I'm not putting too much on each day. Just say no!!!
Infosense-i know this is an old thread, but that is sooo cool. I keep saying I'm keeping my sienna until it has 300k miles and then I'm getting rid of it for a hybrid. Maybe by then I can save up enough money to buy the hybrid with cash. People think I'm crazy, but I think I can do it. I'll have about 20 years to save Also, we went to 7 dealerships before buying. Each dealership came down on price from the last one. Hehe! It was exhausting, but worth it. They...
You could sale your house and rent a house or apt until you are sure you like the area.
Quote: Originally Posted by *MamaJen* I would look at either condoms, a diaphragm or good old fashioned withdrawal. A lot of people really hate using condoms, which means they often aren't used constantly or consistently. But if you don't mind them, they could be a good choice, especially when combined with spermacide. Diaphragms plus spermicide are a pretty good option as well. They're not the completely most reliable method, but they work pretty...
Does anyone send their child to preschool in this group? I'm nervous about submitting the religious exemption for vax even though it will probably be fine.
I have been thinking about self improvement this week. I have been wanting to slow down and to only put two major things on my to do list every day. BUT this week I got a little hyper and started doing too much and then felt a little overwhelmed. I am trying to sign my son up for preschool. I think I have one picked out, but maybe I should check out a few as a backup. So I have been calling preschools, cleaned the bathroom, went to the grocery store, bank, goodwill...
diaphragm charting
Wow! That's awful. I kinda just keep a family practitioner in case of an emergency, but don't really go in for very many well checks. It is hard to find someone good. Keep looking though once you've had time to calm down. That is so weird about the way they treated you as far as the money. Yuck!
Dang if the world is going to end, I should have spent my savings on something more fun than a Roth.
You could try a different pharmacy. Sometimes they say discontinued when they mean, they don't order it anymore.
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