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We use juice instead of milk. Lately I have been putting flax in there.
noooooooo...i love to get out. After staying at home for a few years, I am a lot more patient when I can't get out though.
Haha what a combo Instead Pregnancy tests and Haba cheese Carriage.
I know someone like that. She made up THE WEIRDEST STUFF. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when she was diagnosed with schizophrenia
I'm a little bored. I'm up with the kids, letting them watch cartoons and only doing the quiet things on my to do list so dh can sleep. We all still have sore throats still. I just took some more C. I want to be fun and let the kids have lots of cookies, stay up late watching holiday movies, and go to this holiday party tonight, but we are going out of town in two days. I'm worried we will get sicker while down there so we might all go to bed early. Boring, huh?
Quote: Originally Posted by Storm Bride Now, I'm going to get some of my baking finished (I hope!), wrap dh's presents, and go see my sister. get some gift bags buy some cookies from the grocery store...no one will know
I really don't have a right to complain with some of the things you guys are going through. I'm sorry to anyone that is having a hard time. I have to go to the grocery store today, but I am happy b/c fil is going to help me I was a little worried taking both boys to the store this week with all the madness. I guess I have a lot to be grateful for. This thread was nice. I have been reading it with my tension tamer tea. This morning I cleaned the bathrooms since...
The only thing I don't like about my Sienna is that if my kids cut one of their lights on in the back and I don't realize it, it stays on even after I've cut off the van. It has a great warranty and has not given me any problems.
Yes, I can be so sure of myself and when lots of people around me interject their "advice," it really can get me down on my parenting. My kids were the same way. One day I eventually was able to shush them back to sleep at the 20 minute mark, and that did help. These things happen gradually. They did stop napping at 2yo and I'm sure most people think that's crazy. Whatever! Keep up the good work.
Quote: Originally Posted by TanyaLopez Long ago we had Carlson's lemon flavored cod liver oil, it wasn't fishy at all, but I'm not sure if the consistency (it's an oil, it feels a little odd to swallow a lot of oil at once) would work. But IIRC, it didn't have any fish flavor at all. My kids wouldn't take it They do flax in their smoothies.
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