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Hmmm interesting. I have been wondering if pregnancy changed my body forever and if I'll always be stuck with a soft tummy. I hope someone will chime in and let us know that it is not hopeless
Hey! I do damp dust. I think maybe I'm letting it go too long in between dustings? I need to mite proof his bed and start vacuuming and dusting on the same day. I'm a little stuffy as well. Maybe I'll get a mask.
I don't know if I'm really organized or not? I'm working on becoming more organized and tidy. Mostly I need to strike a balance between keeping up with chores and going crazy and burning myself out. I have a planner that really helps. I can put a task on my calendar and forget about it until that carved out time to work on it. I try to not worry things being perfect. Sounds like we have something in common for starting a new thing before finishing the last...
I think it is okay. I bet one day your child will wake up one day and be tired of apples and then move on to something else. My kids go through phases. Once they were in a "big carrot" phase where they would like a whole raw carrot while watching cartoons. We also have had the following phases: raisins, smoothies, broccoli, berries in the summer, and some others that I'm forgetting. I think your child has an excellent diet for his age. Let him have lots of peeled...
Everytime I dust, my son coughs for a week. Should I be dusting more often so it doesn't get as bad? Or maybe I should just dust as infrequently as possible to avoid all the coughing and sneezing we do. Anyone who has this problem please weigh in!
I also think it depends on the person. I like lots of small meals, but I read somewhere on here, that your body never gets a break from creating insulin if you are always snacking. I normally just drink water, but one day we were taking a road trip and I found I was able to easily skip a meal if I had a soda. I'm not saying you should drink soda instead of lunch, but most people I know who only eat 2-3 meals a day are drinking lots of soda and coffee.
wow I slept until 8am. Hopefully this will help me feel better this afternoon. I'm going to try taking half my thyroid med this afternoon, too.
In a different state, but I just presented them with a notarized waiver, the same one you submit for public school. I acted like it was completely normal and no one complained. Good luck.
I finally made an appt for the dr to get my thyroid rechecked. I am actually looking forward to it. I'd say in general my AF symptoms have improved, but in the past few weeks I feel like I"m slipping backward. I feel tired after lunch, then anxious all afternoon and evening until I can finally get my boys in bed and sleep for a good 9 hours. I'm hoping that adjusting my thyroid meds will help, but it does feel like AF. I feel great allll morning. It is just the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Thursday Girl i think if the game knows that the child is 4, they should make the mii happy since kids are playing to have fun. my daughter refused to play for two weeks b/c of that. i I agree! I have a question. I have a wii fit. I think in a couple of months, I'm going to need something more, but not sure what. I'm thinking either wii fit plus or the jillian michaels one. I just want to get my heart rate...
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