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we almost bought the step 2 play kitchen, but i think we are going to be in the lancaster, pa area soon. i'm hoping some of the amish stores will have something. if not, i'm still undecided. none of those wooden ones are big enough. maybe i'll email some of them.
make your period late?
Ah, I'm really into classics. I don't have the energy to keep up with trends. It is so easy to get dressed when you have a nice pair of khakis, black pants, a few button up shirts, nice sweaters etc. I try to get showered and do my hair and makeup every morning, but this morning that didn't go so well. I had to take the baby in the shower with me and he was pissed off so i just had to do a pony tail. We were all hungry, but i don't see how this baby could be hungry...
by the way redhen, i'm really jealous of your play room. is that really your play room?
I looked at all the links and none of them are as big as the step2 kitchen. They have it at toys r us if you want to see it in real life.
Ack! I'm not sure now. They have one from Step 2 that is made in the USA. From what I can tell the plan toys are made in Thailand. The Step 2 toys are big enough for Jason (several inches taller than the plan toys), but they are made out of plastic instead of recycled materials. hmmm!
OOh i think I like the one from plan toys. We really need something to put in front of the fire place to kind of block it off b/c it worries me. I'm looking at their website and I can't tell where the toys are manufactured. It does talk about the steps they take to be kind to the environment. They are kind of expensive, but so are any big kitchens I can find. The cheapest one was at target, and it is too small for Jason.
Hi. I am looking for a nice wooden play kitchen that is not made in China and is big enough for my four year old. My four year old is tall and about the size of a six year old. He towers over most of the ones I look at. I'm okay with getting one second hand but haven't seen one yet. Anyone have a play kitchen they like for someone his size?
Quote: Originally Posted by tireesix Just to add, DH is sick on this christmas day and totally gutted so best wishes please........ we get sick every christmas. this might be my last post for a while. time to do some more house hunting. we are down to crunch time!
i'm so excited for tomorrow!
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