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i love my bravado nursing bras. you can just plop your boob out with them. they run a size small imo. very comfy with sexy designs and matching panties.
And if you do one thing on your list, you earn a treat.
When you are at the store, buy little bags for the presents or don't wrap them. If you clean the kitchen, it will just get dirty a few hours later.
we're not very chatty today.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ruthla Congrats on your DH being home! You must be so relieved! oh my goodness yes!
I'm baaaack! We do not have a house yet, but dh is back from deployment.
My kids were so tired today from staying up late last night. 5pm to 6pm there was a lot of crying. Now the baby is asleep and ds1 keeps getting out of bed asking me questions about the hotel we are staying at tomorrow. He is so excited he can't sleep. I'm a little afraid of what their behavior will be like down there. Last time we did a trip like this it was a little overwhelming for us all.
Quote: Originally Posted by wombatclay If I walk around the room she cries, if I leave the room she cries, if I stop reading she cries! And of course dd2 cries if I stop moving for even a minute! Well, my kids can be the same way but I decided that trying to prevent all crying was really stressing me out. As in, the baby can wait to nurse until after I get my water. I do not have to play with ds1 everytime he asks. As the baby gets older,...
I really didn't have help putting them both to bed/naps and it was hard. If I had to walk the baby I would walk around the room or stay right outside the door where ds1 could see me checking on him often. He called for me and whined some but he could still see me. I would let him have a dim light, a car/toy in the bed, books on cd or other music. Although it is possible you are entering the land of nap dropping which was a crappy 1.5 year transition for us. Some...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nate'sMama Wanna trade? that's what i was thinking :
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